Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's fast Sunday, and I'm in my tiger-print bed waiting for Mark and my belly is screaming at me :) I thought I'd squeeze in a few words. I have yet to mention all of my plans for this wedding! We're finally getting our engagement pictures done on Wednesday night (July 8th) and after that, it's big time business! Collecting nearly 1000 addresses will be soo much fun, I'm sure! But hey, at least we have a lot of friends, right?

We spent June 22-June 29th on roadtrips together. On that Monday (22nd) I took the car and got it all ready for the long drive while Mark was at work. He got off around 4 and we were on the road heading to Island Park, Idaho by about 6. It was only a 5 hour drive and we always have plenty to talk about. We especially enjoyed reading about 45 minutes in a marriage book that Bishop Kingston recommended us read..."And They Were Not Ashamed". I think you get the idea! It is very informative, yet teaches us about "it" in a very appropriate manner. That was entertaining and definitely kept Mark awake! He was such a sweetheart to drive the whole way.

We had a potty/gas stop up at Rexburg's only Chevron with an attached Burger King next to it. I had never passed through Rexburg before so it was fun seeing the temple on the hill right next to campus. Cute town, but made me grateful for even Provo. The best part of our stop though was what Mark had up his sleeve. I walked out of the Women's restroom and he was standing there holding two tatoos in his hands. Again, he said "pick one" (just as my engagement correlation or significance though I hope!) One was this purple/black awful looking spider tatoo, and the other an orange and yellow dragon. OF COURSE I picked the dragon. We were starving and craved "real" food; we had been snacking on grapes the whole way up. Not to say that Burger King is real food, but better than beef jerky. Or is it? Anyway, we went over to order something from the dollar menu. I had this nasty spicy chicken sandwich and he ordered just a jr. whopper. GROSS. we were waiting for these "meals" to come, we decided to put on our tatoos. We ventured over to the water spout thing and I did Mark's first. We were just cracking up the whole time at how ridiculous we looked. I then decided to put my dragon on my right thigh. Mark bent down to put it on, and then a worker came to refill the drink lid bins or something. She was smiling at us, noticing the fun we were having. Oh man, I laughed so hard when Mark opened his mouth to tell her what was going on and I totally tooted on her! THAT sent me into despair, while shooting Mark into shock and bliss? I don't know, I can't think of a good adjective to describe him. I eventually realized that I shouldn't be so embarassed but OH MY GOSH it WAS embarassing. I wish that wouldn't have happened, but now that I look back on it, that story wouldn't have been nearly as memorable.

The Island Park lake house was just beautiful. Mark's mom, sister, her friend, and step-dad were all waiting for us. It was like 40 degrees when we got there that night! The next day was chilly too, so we took off to Yellowstone park. We drove about an hour and it was gorgeous! I hadn't been to Yellowstone for at least 6 years. It was basically a scenic drive because when we got to the actual park, it was so busy that traffic was moving at a whoppin' 12 miles per hour. We turned around and went right back to the house and got ready to go onto the lake. I tried surfing and well, I got up but didn't get to the point that I could throw in the rope :( not so awesome for a competitive chica like me, but of course Mark praised and praised me, naming off a few friends that couldn't even get up on a surf board; I felt better. That water though...was freezing. Luckily, Mark and I got to put on those wet suits once again!! Who would have thought that I'd be putting on that same wet suit 4 months later with my future in-laws?

The next day was warmer so we spent all day out there on the lake. But first, Mark and I woke up early again to go on a run around the place. We ran over 6 miles! It was such a good, hard run for us, and boy we felt good! We were sweat hogs. Catherine, Pierre, and Erik all came up late that night before and were out with us. I had fun watching Mark slaughter the other two guys with his tricks behind the boat ;) He's so athletic and fun. That was an especially good day for us...Heck, every day rocks, but we just talked a lot about our future and I felt like I was falling for him 100 more feet! He has my heart wrapped around his huge finger, my goodness. I was a wuss that day and didn't get into the water until the very last boat run. I just enjoyed taking tons of pictures and videos of Mark and soaking up the sun. Now, I'm grateful that I didn't get into that cold water because the next morning, Mark woke up with a VERY swollen throat. So much for that 6 mile run! He failed to tell me that he woke up the morning before feeling yucky too so I would "let him" go on the run with me. He's such a stinker sometimes!!

So, instead of going on another run and packing to head to California, we just packed our stuff and headed to Rexburg where he could get some medicine. Sure enough, the doc said that he had strep and so we immediately went to the pharmacy at a grocery store to get the prescription filled. Then, we took off to Sacramento to see MY family for my cousin Oakley's wedding that Saturday. Poor Mark drove over half the way, and when I drove, of course I got pulled over for speeding. I mainly felt badly about it because Mark was asleep when it happened and I had to wake him up...the cop let me off SUPER easy. But it's still obnoxious that I have a ticket to pay for by the day before we get married :(

The reunion was fun. He met most of my dad's side of the family and they all just loved Mark. He seemed to get on especially well with Uncle Cliff and Steve, but he had chat-time with everyone, despite his awful sickness! He was sick the WHOLE time. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and the J. Clark's (my uncle Jay's family) had TONS of help from like the whole neighborhood. It was the same as Christiana's wedding the year before--very last minute. I'm sure Oakley's just relieved to be done with that and on to a new world with her new husband Scott! I'm sure I'll feel relieved once the reception passes too. It's a lot of work! On Sunday when we left to drive home Dad and David gave him a blessing. Then, Mark drove all but 2 hours all the way home. I don't know HOW he did it. He's my super man, that's for sure. We were exhausted, and so I had to be creative to keep him awake. Oh, yeah, and in Elko, Nevada HE was pulled over.....but got a ticket for over double mine! :( That wasn't fun at all, and we were having such a wonderful conversation when it happened too! The officer didn't care of course.

We survived the roadtrip together with hardly any bumps in the road. According to Grandma Carol, NOW we are O.k. to be married :)

Another week has gone by since then! Where do these weeks go? My dad reminded Mark that we only have 7 more weeks!!! My gosh. I have so much to do. Luckily, Mark is the most helpful and loving man so my stress levels are almost nothing. AND, I have a very energetic and hard working mother who is pushing me through all this as well. Since I'm mentioning people, I have to also be grateful for all of Mark's family too and for them being so on top of things and ready to help at any point in time. Seriously, I am so lucky to be marrying into such an amazing, fun, righteous, family!!! I have to mention my daddy too, because he is the one providing almost everything for us to have a beautiful wedding.

We celebrated the fourth of July yesterday by going to the Stadium of Fire! The Jonas brothers performed and SheDaisy. The fireworks were the best though of course. I went with Mark's family but spent dinner with my family beforehand. They had seats for us too! THAT'S the hard thing with marrying a guy who's from here is that we're invited to do like 5 things a week with everyone and we always have to pick and choose where to go! It can be stressful sometimes, but we're still so grateful that we have supportive family around. We are so blessed. I had a great time at the show of course, but kindof wished that they had more patriotic things in the program. A few years ago they secretly flew in a bunch of soldiers from Iraq to surprise their families at Stadium of Fire and it was seriously the coolest thing that I had ever seen at anything like that. The whole stadium was sobbing! It really made me appreciate my freedoms and have more respect for people who have the gall to go away from their families for so long so that we can live normal lives back here in America. That didn't happen this year, but maybe next year!

We also went to festivities with the Freeman family the night before (Friday the 3rd) for their family reunion. It was so crazy seeing all of Mark's extended family on his dad's side. They are all grown with 2-4 kids! Grandma Freeman is so dang sweet...I just love her, she reminds me so much of my great-grandma Schroeder (my family's a bit younger than mom is the oldest of her family, my dad is the middle of his, and Mark's dad is the youngest of 5 I believe, so all the cousins are much older!) His cousins and their spouses were all SUPER cool, very easy to talk to. There were so many babies running around...It was so cute. We held it at Mark's dad's home up Provo Canyon. He and Shelly sure know how to throw a party! Seriously, they are experts at it. I'm so lucky to have landed their home as our wedding dinner location :)

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