Sunday, October 4, 2009

stadium of fire- Jonas brothers
Lots of wedding planning and work
Last month of being engaged---we couldn't wait (but did..)
24th of July- pool party at parents' house (Aunt Cindy's birthday) and I was in bad mood- mark had to leave to go to work at DIAMOND WIRELESS
took bridal pictures with Afton Huntley (friend from geography in our ward at Cambridge Court)
finalized wedding plans
dying to get married and just live together--get out of Raintree! and singles ward!
We spoke in church on Alma 32: 27 on like August 12 or something
24th- Wedding dinner @ papa Freeman's house. It was incredible; worked out perfectly. All our loved ones came and we had a great time.
25th- GOT MARRIED! BUSY but the best day of our lives for sure.
25th-1st: honeymoon ;) ow ow!!! Cabo San Lucas, Melia Cabo Resort, parasailing, eating, making love, sleeping...pretty much sums it up!
2nd- set up house!!!!!!!!!!!!!, open gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd-first day of class for us (we missed the first day- we were flying home on that Monday)
School--- working out really well; we love having 2 classes together and having school on only MOndays, wednesdays and Fridays.
Busy with school, shopping for our apartment at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Football season starting, work, Mark started working maintenance here at the Glenwood and Raintree for his dad. I'm still at the body shop. we're loving life and love spending it together. We have a blast every day; Mark is the best thing to ever happen to me! We are loving the idea and fact that we are a family now and enjoy doing all that we're supposed to be doing (we're not quite perfect though haha). We love reading our scriptures together and saying our prayers every day together. We feel the blessings of going to the temple and marrying there!
Conference weekend is going on now, and we are soaking it up! Having the opportunity to hear from our general authorities and first presidency and apostles every six months really helps boost our spiritual desires!
Shopping for Mark's birthday has been a highlight this month!
on October 1st we FINALLY merged our bank accounts! And deposited checks from our wedding :) we have a nice start as a newly wedded couple.