Friday, December 4, 2009

I really need to be better! Writing on the blog will be my New Year's resolution--this time, I promise! Mark and I have been married over three months! It has flown by! We are approaching the end of the semester and can't wait for the Holidays.

Thanksgiving was a hit. We had not one, but TWO turkey dinners within three hours of each other. The first was at his Dad's home. All of Mark's siblings were there; it was filled with fun decor and of course delicious food. We spent the day before over there for a few hours making pies. I made an apple pie, but my favorite one was the Buttermilk pie...mmmm mmmm!!! That thing was good! Mark and I have been struggling with keeping our mouths shut...meaning...avoiding shoving our mouths with all the food and goodies we've been surrounded by! But...Mark is better than me. At least he's been working out! The only working out that I have been doing is my new found love...

ZUMBA! I just love that dance class. Talk about ENDORPHINS! whooo hooo! It's a new latin/hip-hop dance class that they offer at Gold's, but I guess it's a nationwide thing and super trendy right now. I don't ever leave without being drenched with sweat. My mom even bought Erica and I some official Zumba pants. I think my mom and I like it a lot more than Erica. She'd rather run...I think she's crazy! Anyway, I just love it and it's embarassing because I am smiling/laughing the whole class and I definitely have "white girl syndrome" as my mom calls it...aka cannot dance. The only thing I have going for me is my booty.

School could be better. I'm not loving it to be honest! The only class that I like is my Geography 101 class. Sociology is fun, but I'm just bitter because I didn't do very well on the test and I got a B on the paper, which means a B in the class. Political Science kicks my butt. Mark does great in it (and in Sociology..we have both classes together :) My Physical Science class has been fun, but I stink at that class as well, or at least all the chemistry and physics parts. I'm not as concerned about myself and school, but Mark is doing very well! He kills me in the two classes that we have together. I love it!

Well, I am sick with an infection....and have to get my prescription. Mark is ranting next to me about what our health insurance covers....and DOESN'T cover....but really, health insurance is a pain in the bum. I have to go now. Mark is the best husband. I LUCKED OUT!