Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay, so I know I know what you're all thinking (haha, JULIANNE ;)...that my life must be really boring since I NEVER blog! This is far from the truth. I have about thirty minutes to get down as much as I can. Little random memories here and there that will be fun to have in the future!

I'll first start with the most recent since I am out of it. A little background information: Last week I had 3 in Eonomics, one in History, and one in my Teaching English class. I worked on my TeLL class all day Thursday and turned in that final project that night. I then studied all day Friday and then took the three hour Econ test on Friday night, failed it, and then woke up early the next morning to study for my History test that I started at about 1:30 and ended at 4 when the testing center closed. Luckily i'm pretty sure I got a B! Mark promptly picked me up and went home to change into nice clothes, drove up to my parents' house, and we all went to Salt Lake to see Mitt Romney speak. It was actually really good, despite my exhaustion. We were there at the Salt palace until about 9. We got home at 10:30, realized it was daylight savings, and then "vegged" on our couch until about 12:30. I woke up early the next morning (well...7:30 is early for me!) and was wound up from the whole weekend. Once I have so much to do like that, it takes another week to get back to my normal heartbeat...SOO annoying. I also knew that my whole Sunday would consist of going to Church and then sitting infront of the computer and all my history books catching up on these really lame "Learning Logs"...designed to keep us up on our readings. Well guess what i did? definitely not those. SO, what this resulted in was last night's endeavor of catching up with these "learning logs" so that I could turn them in this morning at 9 a.m. After about spending over all 10 hours on these things (4 hours last Friday night and 6 hours last night), and getting five massages from mark throughout the night, I still did not complete them. I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning. Guess what happened?
Didn't go off.
I sprang out of bed at 8 (luckily it was even that early) and jumped in the shower, got dressed, threw on makeup, and Mark not only stayed up with me, but got up with me and made me breakfast and lunch. He is my hero. He dropped me off at school at 8:30. I tried to seem inconspicuous and sit at the back row of the classroom with my laptop to finish these stupid book summaries. I would be shocked if I fooled the teacher at this point...they were gettin pretty sloppy. But it's the best that i could do! Haha I am really good at giving excuses. Ask Mark :/ hehe.
Luckily, a nice young man sitting on the stairs outside of the classroom knew of a printer in the building that I could print off these THIRTY PAGES of summaries. yes, thirty pages. It's disgusting isn't it? How in the world could I have ever gotten all of them finished. Seriously. Oh wait, I was supposed to be doing them all semester...whoops :) guess i would much rather be studying Mark's hot bod after school than writing down summaries. So kill me!
I finally turned them in at 9:50 when the teacher was done lecturing. i felt really badly because she totally knew what I was doing. She just knows things like that...and I love her to death as a history teacher. The best that I've had. But this whole Learning Log business has just got to go! if I ever get tempted to do something like that with my students, will you please stop me and remind me of this post?! It's not good for the soul. Really it isn't.

I can't believe that Mark stayed up until 3 with me. He didn't even take a nap on the couch next to me. He was at my side and asked me if I needed anything about every hour. I am not kidding, I am the type of person that doesn't have to have that kind of support, but gosh I could get used to that! It made it so much easier just having him sit there awake. He kept me going. Story of my life this week! Without him, I would have had a much more difficult week...not to be taken lightly. When I get stressed, it's like the whole world is ending.
Until Mark puts it into perspective for me. Thank goodness!
I can't wait to return the favor :)

Okay so that was this past week. How about a more positive, happy, light event? Let's favorite thing in the whole world when I get stressed or a little sassy, Mark does this galloping thing through our apartment. It's like a mix between a little boy pretending to gallop like a horse and a dog with his paws up by his chest as he goes and tongue flopping out of the mouth. It kills me! I crack up just thinking about it (Sometimes he charms me by doing it in his birthday suit :)

You perverts! Not THAT birthday suit...the suit that I bought him for his Birthday! you sickos...

We all celebrated David and Stephanie (my cousin)'s birthday yesterday at my parents'. Of course the star of the show was little Nico...he's almost 7 months old now! This is the most change that I've seen since the last time I saw him. He has two teeth now and can sit up by himself! he's starting to get some peach fuzz on his head finally. But oh my gosh, that smile. Watching him with Fifi and David makes my heart want a baby so much, but then my head kicks in and says 'you'd be absolutely stupid to do that right now'. So then it goes away. But I get those feelings of motherhood desires more often now that's for sure. Don't worry, it will still be another couple of years. Anyway, lots of family was there and it was a great time. Sometimes family gatherings can be a disaster with all the various gossip that goes on...We're getting better though, especially after last family gathering's fiasco.

Me, Mark, Janice and Casey are all taking a trip to San Diego after finals in April. We did this humanitarian thing to get free Disneyland tickets--best deal ever! It will be a blast and we cannot wait. I'm sure by then we'll be DYING to get away. We're going to be staying at Janice's parents' house in Carlsbad. Mark and I just love them as a couple. It will be a quick vacation before I start school again in Spring (7 credits!). I decided to not try to get a job this summer and just keep crankin through school. I signed up for 8 credits summer semester, and will probably do 18 credits for Fall. I wish I was just a year away from graduation, but it's more like 2. Probabaly every other day I look at my Graduation Progress sheet on the BYU website and try to find ANY way to graduate faster. I found one way, but it only eliminated two classes because I dropped my geography minor. I found out there is no need for it since my Social Science composite is good enough to teach Geography, and...the last two classes are nightmares (intro to GIS, and map skills or something...NOT fun). Soo I keep on goin. Mark could be done either next April or August, depending if he goes to school this summer. We'll see what ends up happening.

Mark and I are so blessed. We have all that we need and more. It's been great just focusing on school this semester and not working. We can actually have weekends (except this last weekend!) to do fun things together. But on the other hand, we don't have a continuous cash flow so that's been different...worth it nonetheless! We do not spend much at all. It's so wonderful to be with someone who has the same goals and habits as far as finances go. It's really difficult for some couples to get used to.

I recently switched to AT&T so that Mark and I could finally get on a plan together. My contract ended with Verizon in December. Mark will be getting his beloved iPhone on April 4th! I can't wait. He said I could even get an iphone but I do not want to be responsible for an extra 30 bucks a month and expensive phone to care for! I got a normal silver flip phone. It's great for me.

I'm glad I finally sat down and did this! I have to go to my D&C class now! (which i LOVE with Brother Dennis Wright, one of the Assistant Deans). Until next time...

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  1. totally entertaining.
    and i laughed at mark's galloping!!
    gosh you seem so busy and stressed.
    my life is quite easy, i must brag.
    keep on chuggin :)