Friday, May 28, 2010

"How to Make A Baby"...


I love my siblings so much. David and Estefi and my nephew Nico are gone the whole summer while David makes some dinero selling. I miss them so much! Erica is working very hard this summer in school getting ready to apply to BYU's nursing program in September; I rarely see her! Austin is about to get his license! I feel very close to him and pray everyday that he makes the right decisions in this very important time in his life. This picture wasn't taken in 2004, but in 2007 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. David had just gotten home from his mission and started Dating Estefi. Time flies! I am such a different woman now and am grateful for it :) I'm so excited for what the next three years will bring the Clark family! Erica will probably be married, Austin will be on his mission, and there will probably be a couple more new babies!!! ;) I love you guys!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

late night worries

it's 2:16 a.m. The last time that I stayed up this late was in April the week before finals :) But this time, I'm by myself!
Mark has been asleep for the past two hours, and I wish I could have joined him!
Just some thoughts...
Lately I have been scared of being a parent. Specifically, a parent of a teenager. This is something that I can definitely wait for, and hope and pray that I have more knowledge and experience behind me to face the challenges that young people face today (duh, I was there 9 months ago).
But if this is my daughter someday, please come cry with me. 

Or if this guy claims to be my son, will I still have brown hairs on my head?! 

I just need to have faith. That's what Mark always tells me. Good thing I have him and that he puts up with me! He has so much faith and doesn't worry much about anything...he's quite the opposite of me in that respect. This is what i will look like: 

Because of these fears, I have been seriously thinking that a maximum of THREE children is sufficient for me to feel like I have "multiplied and replenished the earth", especially if I have at least one boy and one girl. Now watch, because I said that, the Big Man is going to give me three daughters or something and then I'll be forced to have another to carry on the Freeman name... Oh gosh it's just too late for this. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good News?

I'm tired just thinking about this, but Mark informed me yesterday that we made the lottery for the St. George Marathon! Part of me is really excited, but the other part....I just want to take a nap! It will be such a cool thing for the two of us to do together. Last year I made it into the marathon but he didn' of course I didn't do it either. We'll see how the training thing goes......

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catching up!

It's May!! This means a few things: Spring semester, warm weather, married for 3/4 of a year, running season, laying out, Cinco de Mayo (today!), Mother's Day, and....lots of other things! The weather hasn't been too warm....we've actually had lots of snow! It had better pick up by next week!!!

Before I forget...A year ago on Mother's Day, Mark and I first talked about getting married! That was one of the more sweet moments of my life. We were so giddy and I just remember how right it all felt. The next day we picked out which temple we'd get married in (Salt Lake) then the next day we went to pick Ryan up from the airport after serving his mission! I think I said all of this in my first post actually...oh well, doesn't hurt to reflect!
Mark and I are both enrolled for Spring semester taking 6 credits each. Pell grants are a blessing from Heaven! They paid for our tuition AND health insurance for the summer. We're very grateful, especially after Mark's little accident a few days ago! He had to get two....yes, two...stitches on his big right toe, or was it his left? Anyway, he took off a towel from the hanger too fast and the metal bar flew up and then back down perfectly slicing his big toe like 1/4 inch down. It was disgusting. I couldn't even go into the room with him when he got it checked out and stitched up. I'm the biggest weenie head.
Heaven help my children who will most likely be a bunch of roudy, rambunctious munchkins. Better not break bones or get too many owies or mommy will end up in the hospital too! I'm pathetic.
Cute. I'll have little babies someday....sigh*
Not now though,
or in a year.
Maybe in a year and a half?
We'll see...have to be done with school and I want to teach at least a year!

Back on track...about school. I love school. Last semester was AMAZING! I had the best professors who were all pretty passionate about their subjects (all but one) which makes learning so much more exciting! I came out with 3 A's, 2 A-'s, C+. BUT, that C+ was in the most failed class at BYU. Can you guess what that is?

E-C-O-N-O-M-I-C-S 110

K seriously I loved the first half of the class when we talked about micro-economics., that's another story! I just wish I had a private tutor to guide me through all the junk we learned in there! It was such an amazing class but just did not dedicate the time needed to FULLY understand it. Maybe I will someday.
This semester will be a breeze. I wish I would've taken another class because right now it's pretty easy going, explaining why I am blogging right now :)

I have loved seeing my girlfriends lately! I went months and months without really seeing anyone because everyone is just so busy! You hit 21 years old and there are weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, mission farewells, mission homecomings every weekend but there is just not enough time to see everyone and find out what's going on in their lives. Which is why I'm a Facebook addict. Poor Mark...he has so much patience with me!  Anyway, back to what I was talking about. Since it's Spring semester, people have more time, so I've been able to see wonderful friends at Christina McCarlie's bridal shower Saturday (she's marrying Beau Healey! her high school boo), lunch with Charlotte on Monday, and tomorrow I'll be going out with Julianne and Amy E.!! Amy's getting married the 26th, and Julianne just put her mission papers in! She'll hear back within the next couple of weeks! Can you believe it? I sure can't! Everyone's growing up so fast and we're all women now! It will be crazy when everyone starts having babies. Mary Holmes Wilde had her precious Evelyn in February and I got to meet her on Saturday! She's just beautiful. Chelsie Osborne is marrying Jordan Troxel on August 24th! I got to see her too and she is just GLOWING. Paige Crosland Anderson was there too and she is just darling as ever. I guess her husband keeps begging her for a baby. I think that's so cute! She'll be next to have a little one. Kendall threw the shower and it was just perfect! She is such a great friend--loved seeing her too. Jane Anne came all the way from Logan and made Christina the cutest custom magnet board. I've been searching the internet everywhere to find out how to make it! I should just call her! Needless to say, it was a fabulous afternoon and I really thanked Heavenly Father all this week for allowing me to have such amazing, talented, righteous friends. I get so excited for my friends who are getting married in the Temple because I have such a wonderful marriage and want EVERYONE to experience the joy that I have! Ps- I didn't see Michelle Tucker, but she's getting married in two days!!!! So wonderful.

I have started running again. Gasp!* I know I know, it's crazy. I haven't run in months! Those first three or four times were killers for me! I even got a blister....that never happens. Not to Amy freakin' Clark FREEMAN! haha. Luckily, I have a darling friend in the ward (Regan Gull) who gets me out of bed at 8:15 in the morning to run 5 or so miles. Because of Mark's little accident, he's been out of commission the past week, so Regan's been my partner :) It's been so wonderful. My appetite has gotten out of control though! It's crazy how your body just craves food when you're starting to expend more. The tricky part is controlling WHAT you put in your mouth and HOW MUCH. Mark and I are signed up to run the Utah Valley half marathon on June 12 I believe. Kerri and Brent paid for most of the family to do it together! So far, I think Erik and Kerri are beating us in the training aspect. They've stayed pretty consistent. I didn't even try to start training until last week! The weather has been so awful. It snowed just two days ago, and it's supposed to be yucky weather again tomorrow. It sure doesn't help me jump out of bed when I see snowflakes on my windowsill :/

I have to talk about our trip to California! We took off Tuesday night after we had all finished our finals (Me, Mark, Casey, and his wife Janice) We drove down to Vegas and slept in at The Orleans. After the mandatory stop at the Paris for crepes (my recommendation), we headed to Carlsbad, where Janice's family lives. We got there around six and we made fajitas. Her family was so sweet to let Mark and I stay in their son's room. The boys introduced me to Rockband.....okay, who is the genius??? It's AMAZING! I told Mark that we will have to get that someday if we ever run into a money tree :) Early the next morning, we got ready and headed to Disneyland!! Janice's dad paid for a breakfast at Denny's beforehand, then we headed to the park! We all did service for a certain amount of hours and earned free Disney passes. The trip was VERY inexpensive....the only way for two (or four I guess) married college kids to roll :) The next couple of days we just laid out on the beach (and ran with Mark every morning) and tried some awesome food. That's what I remember the most: food. It was the focus of the trip other than Disneyland haha. Typical Freeman mentality. I love it. The two pounds that I gained were worth it! (This is why I did not attempt to run before the trip...the beach runs were more like strolls!) We drove back Sunday morning and got here around 8, just in time for the Jazz game. Janice and Casey took off a week later for Texas to sell Living Scriptures. I haven't talked to them since they left--we're going to miss them! They're so much fun!

Nico, David, and Fifi left to California to sell this summer a week ago. It was hard saying bye but this summer will fly I'm sure. Nico will be huge by the time they get back!

Mark just started selling Pest Control with his buddy Nate who created his own company. He's done really well so far! He's had three sales in two days and only 4 hours of work. We're hoping he keeps this up so that we can save a bunch of dinero and take a trip to Hawaii for our first anniversary :) Wouldn't that be dreamy???? What's my contribution you ask? we are:
being a supportive wife at home who studies and cleans and works out to stay hot and smart for my husband while keeping a clean household.  That's my contribution ;) haha it's great, but it's bad at the same time. You see, when he's out working like he is right now, for some reason I have this urge to get out of the house and spend money? Yet, when I'm out working and monetarily contributing to our bank account I usually don't have TIME to shop and spend that hard earned cash. So now, when I get that urge, I'll either go to the gym or blog :) I always say that, but I end up turning on the TV or baking something fatty or shopping at Wal-Mart (They have such AWESOME deals!!!) I'm ridiculous. Our poor budget. I'm not very nice to it.

I've been blogging for almost an hour! that's a record I think!! It's time for me to get out of here and get some stuff done. But first, just so I can remind myself...I got called as Relief Society Secretary of our new ward. Our old ward split right when Winter Semester ended. My President is Patricia Barger! She's my neighbor and she was the old secretary. She's amazing. It's a lot of responsibility but I can definitely handle it this summer because I don't have very much going on. Speaking of dad just got called as a BYU singles ward Bishop! Poor guy! All of those chastity and anti-pornography talks will surely take it out of him! Then you get to a married ward and their tune changes quite a bit to..."MAKE LOVE TO YOUR HUSBANDS LADIES!" know what I say to that? problem ;)