Thursday, June 24, 2010


The last two weeks have been bitter-sweet for my Daddy's side of the family. Grandpa John Russell Clark passed away June 8, 2010 in Redding, California of pancreatic cancer. From the time that he found out he had cancer to the day that he passed was a short 10 days! But, for everyone who knows Grandpa, he would have had it no other way. He would have passionately hated being a "burden" on anyone! Funerals are much more complicated than I ever thought...Mark said, "If a family can get through a wedding and a funeral, you know it's a strong one!" I guess it's what his mom would say growing up. The Funeral was on Friday, June 18th in St. George at 3 p.m. It was a really loving service and there were many many who were there to pay their respects. Immediately after the luncheon/dinner, we drove back up to Provo because the burial was the next day in Salt Lake. The burial was also filled with lots of people. It was really touching to see all the people that my grandpa has affected in his lifetime. Erica and I played Love One Another and my Clark girl cousins sang a gorgeous song that I can't remember the name of! The Spirit was definitely present, and it is comforting that we will all be together again.

It has been sweet though for a few reasons...
  •  Mark and I finished the Utah Valley Half Marathon on June 12!! We did it in I think exactly 2 hours. It was rainy the whole time so I did a lot better than if the sun was scorching. Kerri, Cassidy, Erik and Catherine did it too and they did awesome for not being runners (Erik is, but for the girls, this was a HUGE accomplishment!) I love my new family!! Afterwards we went to eat breakfast at Magleby's Fresh and then me, Kerri and Cassidy got pedicures at the mall! It was such a treat...and my little toes needed it. I'm so proud of Mark too. He's so much more motivated than I am. St. George Marathon in October? oh man. 
  • We were able to see family that hadn't been around for years (Clifford, Spencer, Mardee, Trevor Clive, their girls Cadence, Cambell, and newborn Leila!, Melissa (Madsen) Parker, all of the Ludlows, the Johnson family, Colleen and Chip Fear, Clark and Rachel Fear and their one-year old Christian, etc.)
  • Christiana had her baby two days ago! And her family was already in town for the funeral...worked out perfectly! Baby Beck Smith is so precious and a beautiful baby. I got to hold him for awhile yesterday; it made my week!
  • Father's Day was celebrated on Sunday. We were able to go to my dad's ward on Sunday and spend most of the day there with Nico, Fifi and David! They flew in for the funeral and we had a wonderful time with them. Mark and I were also able to be with his dad on Saturday with all of his family. 
  • I cut my hair!! She took off about 5 inches!! and I LOVE it. I even scheduled an appointment a week later and got "apricot" highlights and LOVE that too! It was such a fun change that I thought was very needed...but when I got the bill, suddenly that "need" wasn't so needed. Mark loves it though, and he's happy as long as I'm happy (and visa versa).
  • Spring term is OVER! No more Utah History or technology classes for me :) I think I pulled 3 A's! And now I'm in Summer term, but 2 out of my 3 teachers are super cool and I know that I'll enjoy this semester. My schedule is great for the summer--no classes until 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday. My favorite class will be Abnormal Psychology...I was on the edge of my seat during the whole two hour class yesterday and didn't want to leave! It was really enlightening. In fact, I'll be blogging one of my assignments for that class--the Three Blessings activity--I'll state three blessings that I found in my life each day and then describe why they are blessings in my life. This is a real positive psychology study that has shown to prevent depression...anyone remember Elder Eyring's talk about his consistent gratitude journal? 
Just some randoms: 
  • I'm excited to see Eclipse. I'm 14, I know, but I am so pumped. 
  • I'm super baby hungry. Have to wait another year if I want my sanity though...!!!
  • Cafe Rio's pork salad NEVER gets old!
  • Running always makes me feel skinny. I may not look any different in the mirror, but I just feel awesome. I should probably do this everyday, no?
  • Mark is still the most incredible husband.
  • I love that Mark loves to exercise with me, especially run. I've always wanted a man who would run with me, because that's how my parents are and it's such a good way to spend time with someone you love :) 
  • I always crave Thai food. Bangkok Grill is the bomb!
Okay I'm done! Until tonight!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carousel Original Music by Ryan Stewart

This is my Uncle Ryan. He is an extremely talented composer out of Salt Lake City. His latest album, Equinimity , is sold in Deseret Book and also online. I CANNOT WAIT to play in his next concert in November! (November 13th). He's arranging some violin parts and I'm seriously itching to get started! I need a purpose to play and NEW material! Anyway, you should become a fan of him on Facebook and Youtube. Go Ryan!

"My New Life"

Yesterday we found out that my daddy's dad (Grandpa John) has pancreatic cancer. He's in stage 4...we had to ask what that meant exactly and basically he doesn't have much time. We are all shocked because Grandpa, of all people, would be the man to live until he is 115. He's the healthiest eater and exerciser that I've ever known for a man his age. It just goes to show that Heavenly Father has his own plan for us and all we can do is live the best we can...

Okay, I wrote that a couple of days ago. Now the word is that he will not be here much, there may be a funeral within the next month. My grandpa has never been the touchy-feely, lovey-dovey type! But I will never forget the hospitality and love that he showed Mark and me when we visited him and my grandma just a couple of months ago in St. George. Their home burned down...

 They are rebuilding it right now, but no one believes that they will be able to move in! My grandpa had the best outlook...he didn't show any signs of being distressed, but just thanked Heavenly Father that neither he nor my grandma were hurt. That would NOT have been my reaction! My poor grandma...she definitely took it harder than he did, and I can't imagine how distressed she is with the news of his disease. Keep them in your prayers! I love you grandma and grandpa!

My man....

  That's my man right there! Who wouldn't wanna kiss those cheeks?!
I walk in from a church meeting, and this is what I see....I just love him! This is not uncommon in the Freeman household! He cooks, he sews, he runs, he lifts, he makes me there anything that he CAN'T do?! (well, ask him about how clean his side of the room is..:)