Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Five Love Languages


You all need to read this book! It is so helpful and is a quick, easy read. I highly recommend it, even if you think your marriage is perfect. It will help you understand yourself and your partner better. My sis-in-law Catherine loaned it to me, and I reference it all of the time now. 


We had a fabulous anniversary (August 25th). Mark had to go to work that day, but he woke me up (after a full 8 hours of sleep of course) to go to breakfast at our favorite--Magleby's Fresh! I got the pancakes, and he the French Toast. Delish....

Then I picked him up for lunch at Cafe Rio. We shared the famous Pork Salad and felt pretty heavy after eating out two meals straight. Because of this, I opted to make dinner for us that night and have a decent meal at home. I thought I needed something I made chocolate covered strawberries! It was my first time, and they turned out pretty good, except the chocolate was more like a ganash than a hard chocolate shell. All that matters is that they were delicious, right ? :) Oh, and Mark surprised me with a colorful, yummy arrangement of flowers! They were on our front door when I came back from running errands that day. I looovveee flowers--i'm the typical Romantic and eat that stuff up :)

So that was all on Wednesday. After dinner, we went TV shopping as a group anniversary gift. If you never saw the huge, 5x5x5 TV that took up our whole living room, then you'd understand why this is actually not a want but a NEED for us (ok, exaggeration...). We went to Costco, Target, and Best Buy, but Mark was having a hard time dropping that much cash! I appreciate his frugality, but I was wanting that thing! Well, Thursday came, and I had a meeting for Relief Society. I came in the house, and what was sitting so happily on our couch? A new LCD, HD TV with a note that said "I love you". How fun is that?! I was so excited! It's really fun and has freed up a LOT of space. Now we can actually have people stay in our living room!

Friday, I waited for him to get off of work, we packed our overnight bags, and took off to Midway to the Zermatt again--not for the room, but for the SEAFOOD! I guess their Friday night Seafood Buffet is legendary...and now that I've partaken of that sea of food, I understand completely....note our lovely expressions:

Do those faces express pure joy and happiness or what?! We had a great time, and I actually didn't eat to the point of sickness! It was difficult, ladies, especially after tasting their chocolate bread pudding.

Good thing we're already married. 

LOVING that Diet Coke. I don't normally drink it, but when we're out on special occasions, I'll have it and enjoy every sip! 

OH man he's cute.

We had a great Anniversary celebration! Now it's time for school to start.
 And I'm a bit reluctant.
And spoiled. 
After this, we drove up to his dad's condo in Park City for the night. We stayed up til two and felt like we were dating again (except we are married and have fun with those perks duh), slept in until 10, and shopped ALL DAYYY at the outlet mall. We got cute things from DownEast (BY THE WAY I saw the chick from What Not to Wear who is from Provo there!!!! Celebrity!!! I was quite excited, ask Mark) and Gap. Then, as if the Heavens opened, Mark asked me, "would you like to stop by Nordstrom Rack on the way home?"....UHH....YESSS!!!! He is quite amazing girls. 
Best weekend!

School--how I hate thee. Pray for me to get motivation, because 17 credits does not sound very appetizing to me after this weekend. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zion National Park

This is the front of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, August 17-22. My family went for the week and Mark joined us Thursday night. Then the two of us stayed there until Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful and I loved showing him all of my favorite spots and hikes. It was on average 100 degrees outside--day AND night. Good thing we were in a nice air-conditioned place! He was able to hike the Narrows with us--GORGEOUS! I couldn't believe that after living almost 9 years here we had never visited this park. Another favorite was renting bikes and biking to several hikes. We fell in love with biking there! We will go there again so that he can hike Angel's Landing. I looooveeddd it, but was sad that he missed it. These pictures were taken on that Sunday before we took off. More pictures to come!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We have been through:
Four seasons,
Joining not two, but three families together,
One football season,
Four semesters,
One E.R. trip,
Twelve vacations (San Diego-2, Vegas-3, Park City- 2, Island Park- 2, Sacramento- 1, Zion Nat'l Park-1, Cabo-1),
Twelve Pre-menstrual syndrome times AND menstrual cycles (this has to be mentioned for all the grief I must have caused him!), 
At least 5 dinners-gone-bad (made by ME of course, he could never mess up a meal even if he was losing an eye and an arm!),
Three races (Running with Angels, Provo Half Marathon, Freedom Run 10k),
304 pages of the Book of Mormon (uh-oh, less than a page a day! we'll try harder...:)
Around a Hundred runs and strolls up Provo Canyon,
Three hair styles (me),
Three books on Sex, Love and Marriage,
Three different church callings,
Two different wards and buildings, 
K and just in case this gets wayy too throw-up-in-your-mouth cheesy for you, stop reading now!
Over a Million "I love You"s,
One Million Gazillion Kisses,
Five Hundred Million Gazillion Hugs,
And most of all, a year FULL of EACH OTHER!

We are so blessed to have been able to spend so much time together in our first year. We are LOVING this time that we have together to grow and learn from one another...could not trade it for anything. I love you, Mark Jeffery Freeman!

I can NEVER get too much of you.
No one can make me smile so quickly...even on "those days" know exactly what I'm talking about!
You fill my life with pure joy! I can't imagine how my life would be without you. You have helped me through some of my toughest times and trials and have supported me through everything.

You make me feel special every day. You make me feel as though there is NO ONE better than me, even when I am down on myself. Thank you!

Thank you for asking me to be your eternal companion! I look forward to the graduations, babies, houses, joys and trials to come with you. My fear of the future is no more since I have been with you! That is amazing! 

Ohh how cute are we? :) How do you still love me with THIS face?! I sure can't resist YOURS though! 
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Happy. I'm happy because:
I have a husband who LoVeS me
I am done with suMmEr sEmEstEr TOMORROW
Mark and I are CeleBratIng our 1st AnNiverSary in two weeks
my MommY is the BEST and took me shopPiNg two days ago...
I have the BEST FRIENDS a girl could ever have
My inLaws are amazing
and there are hundreds of other blessings in my life....

Time to do homework!
SOO excited for tomorrow night...Afton Huntley is taking pictures of Mark and me!! We're ready for a family photo :)
Here are some pictures from the Summer!
Eating dinner at The Roof in Salt Lake City...great food, great date, and great view! Mark totally surprised me!

Thanks to Brent for taking the picture (Mark's step-dad!). We had a wonderful time running the Utah Valley Half Marathon (June 17). Catherine and Erik also ran it, but weren't able to go to breakfast with us afterwards! Everyone did so well. I love my in-laws! 

The famous one-pound burger at Big Judd's in Ashton, Idaho! It's on Man vs. Food, and since Mark is OBSESSED with that show, we just had to try it on our way to Island Park for family vacation over the 24th of July weekend. 

This is Ryan, Mark's brother (he's single, ladies!!!). That's right, he ate the WHOLE THING! These Freemans never cease to amaze me. He's a big boy! Oh and if you're interested, let me know ;) Mark and I shared one--I could only eat 1/4 of it!

I look really weird in this, but I have to show off the tart that I made with my sis-in-law Catherine! She is an incredible cook and was so sweet to teach me how to make this perfect-for-summer dessert. I had just gotten off the lake (in Island Park, ID) when we started to make's not belly sweat, in case you're wondering :) 

The newest addition to the Freeman family!!!! Violet Jan I love you. She is the most chill and happy baby around. She looks like her mama Sarah (married to Josh, Mark's oldest brother). She was born in January. Seeing her every other week makes me more and more baby hungry! I love her precious cheeks!

Mark is the favorite uncle. This is at Yellowstone National Park near Island Park at the hot pots. Our neice Bella is on his shoulders. She is Violet's responsible big sister! We love her dearly and are always shocked at how grown-up she is and smart!!! 

That's my man. He's smokin'. haha!

The angle is weird in this! it is supposed to show how large all of my brothers-in-law are, but instead it makes me look their size or bigger. Anyway, they're big, and I'm small compared to them. Trust me. (Pictured left to right: Mark, Erik, Ryan)

Meeting up with girl friends from Spain Study Abroad 2008! Rachel Loven-Hite and Rachel McDonald are both dear girl friends of mine--It was great catching up with them at Brick Oven in Provo! 

The usual lunch group...LOVE THESE TWO WOMEN! Charlotte had just announced that she was getting engaged soon, and Julianne's life is always exciting with mission and boyfriend talk. We're all in different stages in life but I am just so blessed to have such amazing friends.

These next pictures are from Mark's surprise getaway to the Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT. He picked me up from school and we headed up...he had packed my bags and everything! He ended up getting a suite because of this feature....

SPOILED?! yes. I am. We LOVE this tub! When we someday have money, we will have to get a big jacuzzi tub :) 

The room was amazing! It was huge! I couldn't even sleep that night, I was so giddy. Plus, there was a rockin' thunder storm that was quite the show all night and morning long.

The food wasn't that great, but we certainly had a great time and it is part of our many fun memories together!