Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We have been through:
Four seasons,
Joining not two, but three families together,
One football season,
Four semesters,
One E.R. trip,
Twelve vacations (San Diego-2, Vegas-3, Park City- 2, Island Park- 2, Sacramento- 1, Zion Nat'l Park-1, Cabo-1),
Twelve Pre-menstrual syndrome times AND menstrual cycles (this has to be mentioned for all the grief I must have caused him!), 
At least 5 dinners-gone-bad (made by ME of course, he could never mess up a meal even if he was losing an eye and an arm!),
Three races (Running with Angels, Provo Half Marathon, Freedom Run 10k),
304 pages of the Book of Mormon (uh-oh, less than a page a day! we'll try harder...:)
Around a Hundred runs and strolls up Provo Canyon,
Three hair styles (me),
Three books on Sex, Love and Marriage,
Three different church callings,
Two different wards and buildings, 
K and just in case this gets wayy too throw-up-in-your-mouth cheesy for you, stop reading now!
Over a Million "I love You"s,
One Million Gazillion Kisses,
Five Hundred Million Gazillion Hugs,
And most of all, a year FULL of EACH OTHER!

We are so blessed to have been able to spend so much time together in our first year. We are LOVING this time that we have together to grow and learn from one another...could not trade it for anything. I love you, Mark Jeffery Freeman!

I can NEVER get too much of you.
No one can make me smile so quickly...even on "those days" know exactly what I'm talking about!
You fill my life with pure joy! I can't imagine how my life would be without you. You have helped me through some of my toughest times and trials and have supported me through everything.

You make me feel special every day. You make me feel as though there is NO ONE better than me, even when I am down on myself. Thank you!

Thank you for asking me to be your eternal companion! I look forward to the graduations, babies, houses, joys and trials to come with you. My fear of the future is no more since I have been with you! That is amazing! 

Ohh how cute are we? :) How do you still love me with THIS face?! I sure can't resist YOURS though! 
Happy Anniversary!