Sunday, August 29, 2010


We had a fabulous anniversary (August 25th). Mark had to go to work that day, but he woke me up (after a full 8 hours of sleep of course) to go to breakfast at our favorite--Magleby's Fresh! I got the pancakes, and he the French Toast. Delish....

Then I picked him up for lunch at Cafe Rio. We shared the famous Pork Salad and felt pretty heavy after eating out two meals straight. Because of this, I opted to make dinner for us that night and have a decent meal at home. I thought I needed something I made chocolate covered strawberries! It was my first time, and they turned out pretty good, except the chocolate was more like a ganash than a hard chocolate shell. All that matters is that they were delicious, right ? :) Oh, and Mark surprised me with a colorful, yummy arrangement of flowers! They were on our front door when I came back from running errands that day. I looovveee flowers--i'm the typical Romantic and eat that stuff up :)

So that was all on Wednesday. After dinner, we went TV shopping as a group anniversary gift. If you never saw the huge, 5x5x5 TV that took up our whole living room, then you'd understand why this is actually not a want but a NEED for us (ok, exaggeration...). We went to Costco, Target, and Best Buy, but Mark was having a hard time dropping that much cash! I appreciate his frugality, but I was wanting that thing! Well, Thursday came, and I had a meeting for Relief Society. I came in the house, and what was sitting so happily on our couch? A new LCD, HD TV with a note that said "I love you". How fun is that?! I was so excited! It's really fun and has freed up a LOT of space. Now we can actually have people stay in our living room!

Friday, I waited for him to get off of work, we packed our overnight bags, and took off to Midway to the Zermatt again--not for the room, but for the SEAFOOD! I guess their Friday night Seafood Buffet is legendary...and now that I've partaken of that sea of food, I understand completely....note our lovely expressions:

Do those faces express pure joy and happiness or what?! We had a great time, and I actually didn't eat to the point of sickness! It was difficult, ladies, especially after tasting their chocolate bread pudding.

Good thing we're already married. 

LOVING that Diet Coke. I don't normally drink it, but when we're out on special occasions, I'll have it and enjoy every sip! 

OH man he's cute.

We had a great Anniversary celebration! Now it's time for school to start.
 And I'm a bit reluctant.
And spoiled. 
After this, we drove up to his dad's condo in Park City for the night. We stayed up til two and felt like we were dating again (except we are married and have fun with those perks duh), slept in until 10, and shopped ALL DAYYY at the outlet mall. We got cute things from DownEast (BY THE WAY I saw the chick from What Not to Wear who is from Provo there!!!! Celebrity!!! I was quite excited, ask Mark) and Gap. Then, as if the Heavens opened, Mark asked me, "would you like to stop by Nordstrom Rack on the way home?"....UHH....YESSS!!!! He is quite amazing girls. 
Best weekend!

School--how I hate thee. Pray for me to get motivation, because 17 credits does not sound very appetizing to me after this weekend. 


  1. sheesh! you got spoiled!!!! love the pictures. looks like a blast!

  2. I want to go shopping all day! What a fun weekend! Oh how I remember the years without children... :) It's a good thing we love them!