Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm late.....

 not THAT kind of late!! Geez, do you think we're getting pregnant or something?
(......I watch wayy too many movies!)

.....oh how I wish we were.
"Six months from now" he said. And tears just kept flowing because I KNOW that it's right for me to WAIT to go off of that blasted white pill that is smaller than my pinky fingernail. But I want it NOW. I want to have a baby growing inside of me, and I won't even complain, not for one minute, for being sick or more round!!!

I just want one. I want a boy. Or a girl. Don't care.

I'm so hungry for babies that I have to stop myself from grabbing any small people with big heads and little bodies wet from drool....I sound so creepy. But ask Mark about our weekend. It was emotional and yet really great!

So the magic month for me to kiss my birth control goodbye will be ..... APRIL! please come April. Then we figure if I get pregnant anytime after that, then we'll be "safe"...whatever that means. Don't worry, mark is baby hungry too, but he wants to be able to completely provide for us. He's so sweet. I love him so much, which is part of the problem! I can't be with him more than a minute without thinking "AH! I WANT TO MAKE A BABY WITH YOU, YOU SEXY MAN!" (TMI? lo siento!)

I have to go to class. I'm late. ugh. I wish it was April.


  1. Amy! I know exactly how you feel. haha eeeek i want one too!!!

  2. amy this is hilarious! I love you and can't wait for you to make a baby! <3