Thursday, October 28, 2010

my leg!

Mark and I love watching Iron Chef or Chopped late at night and falling asleep for 45 minutes or so before crawling into bed. Mark has his designated spot on the couch--it's the section that reclines back and a foot rest pops up, and I have mine--the rest of the couch to lay myself across while resting my head on his lap. Whenever this arrangement is in place, I always fall asleep. This is not anything out of the ordinary, but two nights ago, I guess when Mark came to wake me up to go to bed, I freaked out. My whole right leg was numb and as he tried to get me up, apparently I yelped a little bit and dramatically (as always)  laid back down, banging my numb leg against the couch...still yelping (or whining or groaning...whichever seems the least pleasant to you). I remember being so scared, like my leg was cut off and I'd never walk again. I think I scared him.....

Why do I do such strange things? We didn't talk about it until last night, when he reminded me of my strange behavior. I clearly stated:
#1- All strange and odd behavior is EXCUSED when I am pretty much dead asleep.
And #2- That was really scary and it did hurt getting up....

Sorry Mark, you're stuck with me forever ;)

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