Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 here we come!

Goals for 2011:

  • Get straight A's in my last semester of classes
  • Run 2 half marathons
  • Finish the BOM and start/finish D&C with Mark
  • Have a positive attitude about school/work, no matter how tough it gets (struggled with that last year)
  • Spend money only on things that I need 
  • Read more, TV less 
  • Know the scriptures, specifically the New Testament this year
  • Study Christ's life & focus on his characteristics
  • Take birth control every day!
I think that's about all I can handle! It's going to be quite the exciting year! I'll be all done with my student teaching by around December 10th, Mark is graduating either in April or August, we're going to Brazil for 10 days in July, and this could be the last year in Utah for us if Mark gets a job outside of Utah. Happy New Year everyone! 


  1. That is funny that take birth control everyday is one of them. LOLOLOLOLOL But, good luck! You can do them all!

  2. hahahah that is awesome!!! you are such a doll amy! i miss seeing you all the time! Hope life is going good! you two sure are cute!!

  3. i hope that you fail your last resolution. i hope you fail so fast that you have a little autumn baby :)

  4. Amy! I was so happy to see that you are one of my few blog followers :) AND that you have a blog of your own that I can follow! You are darling.

    Go to they have ALL of the study manuals for studying the scriptures. I LOVE it. It has quotes from prophets as well as a history of each chapter. it helps me understand so much better and makes it soooo much easier to read every day :) Good luck on your goals. They look similar to mine!!