Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aren't these adorable?!?!
K so if you want to know how selfless mothers are...here's a short story for you. 
It's my mom's 47th birthday tomorrow. And instead of getting herself some boots...she got me these. 
Just for the heck of it. I said "well these have to be for something...how about it's my early birthday present!", she responded, "well, okay, but just one of your birthday presents" meaning that there must be more! Spoiled spoiled spoiled rotten I am!
The end.
I love you mama!!!
(Thank you Taylor @ Nordstrom for hiding these babies in the back so that we could claim them! Somehow she knew they would have a nice home today!)
And it couldn't have come at a perfect time. It snowed somewhere around 15 inches last night! Now my toesies are nice and warm. I'd better make her a dang good birthday cake for tomorrow (since that's about all we can afford to do for her! :) I hope I will have the means to surprise my future daughters with fun (practical of course...and maybe some not-so-practical) gifts.
Oh, and they're waterproof. AWESOME! 

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