Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Break thus far!

Austin's Christmas Acappella concert @ Timpview H.S.
Erica and I went up to sing with him for the last two songs--"From Swadling Wrap" and "Hallelujah Chorus"; Mark thought it was really weird that like 200 old people (alumni) flooded the stage to sing, but I just told him "It's T-bird Tradition!!" He probably threw up in his mouth a little bit (he's a very loyal Orem Tiger....no comment!), especially after my mom cried through the whole thing! ha! But it was really fun to see Austin up there. Did I really look that young in high school? We had a fun time.

Another fun thing that we've done this break is spend an evening (December 23rd) with our dear friends the Troxels! Chelsie and Jordan have been friends of mine since middle school and were married August 24th and moved into our same apartment complex=same ward=bffs with us. Mark has seemed to find a special place in their hearts...as seen in the picture at Ikea below:

haha he really does like them I promise. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the four of us at dinner. We went to Sawadee Thai Cuisine in Salt Lake City. It's a new favorite, to say the least. OH my gosh we are all obsessed with Thai food and I am telling you that I will try to go there AGAIN before this year's end!!! We are really happy that they love trying new food like we do. After Ikea and Thai food, we went to the lights at Temple Square, of course! and unfortunately, after I took pictures of Jordan proposing to Chelsie in front of hundreds of sappy teenagers and grandparents, my battery died! But these were what I could get of this faux event:

There's never a dull moment with these two. I'm just really sad that I couldn't get Chelsie's face in here! We had so much fun with them and are sad that they're not in our ward anymore. Luckily they moved into my parents' ward.....bahaha you cannot escape us!!! :)

Oh Christmas Eve morning, Mark's mom Kerri and stepdad Brent brought us breakfast and gifts to our apartment. They put so much time and effort into this, and we were really grateful. Mark's brother Ryan and sister Cassidy also came over to enjoy this mini-Christmas with Kerri and Brent. We each got a book, a piece of clothing, something that we need, and something that we wanted (need, read, wear, want). It was so much fun and we were able to reflect on this Christmas season. We talked about service and about how much we enjoyed volunteering where Kerri works--the Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem. Me, Mark, and Ryan volunteered there for a few hours last week helping to distribute toys and clothes and blankets to families in need; it was a great experience. I was forced to use my broken-Spanish for many of the families, which was good for me but probably really painful for them!! I was very impressed with Mark's skills...he is fluent in Portuguese, which is similar but still very different from Spanish. He managed to convert his knowledge into Spanish very well! It was pretty sexy watching him help these cute and humble moms. He put smiles on all of their faces with his natural goofiness and sweet smile. Anyway, talking about it to Kerri was really neat for all of us and she has the best heart! 

Now for Christmas Day!! Mark spoiled me!! He is such a good gift-giver and is so thoughtful. I got everything that I wanted! Books, a cute sweat-suit, and gift cards! My favorite present was the note that "Santa" left me and the two tickets to see the Utah Symphony on January 8th at Abravanel Hall!! I'm so so so happy! Some of you who do not really know me super well don't know that I am obsessed with violin and any other classical instrument. I was super bummed that we missed the BYU philharmonic concert earlier in December, so now this will be even more special. For a man who loves SportsCenter and any sport with a ball (everything...), I am so impressed that he would go to a sit-down, fancy concert with me. I'll let yall know how it is!

Mark was so excited and could not wait to open his presents! I felt so badly that I didn't fill his stocking as he did mine....seriously a mistep for me! But hopefully I recovered throughout the day. (Do you see those stockings in the background? Mark's grandmother Libby makes those for every single family member ...so when I got mine I knew I was welcomed into the Freeman fam!)

We had to get a picture in front of the tree of course! We upgraded this year from our little 4 footer tree to a six-footer (thank you mama Clark). I thought it would be too big for our apartment, but it's just like me....tall and skinny....so it didn't cramp our style too much. HA! Notice how long those pants are...time to get hemming.

We first went to my parents' house around 9:30. We had an amazing breakfast/brunch and opened presents, then had a devotional. As usual, my mom went overboard on presents, but I was touched with how excited she and my dad were to give us our presents knowing that we could not give them anything close to what they gave us. I took pictures, but they're only of one person...my nephew Nico! I regret not taking a family picture so badly! Maybe my brother took a few. We were there until about 1:30. We went to Mark's dad's house for the rest of the afternoon. There were more photo ops there:

This is Dave and Shelly with the ugly sweaters that Mark's sister Cassidy made for everybody! She did such a good job and it was really fun seeing how awful everyone looked!

My sweater had a "bow" theme. Who knows what that thing is on Mark's sweater! Now we're really hoping to get invited to a Christmas party next year.

The whole fam-damily! 

Dave has this love for cooking gooood  food. I blame him for my extra 10 lb. gain since marriage! He even has his own cookbook! So their present to us was an apron. Ours were really cute, and the boys' were hilarious. It couldn't be an apron picture without kitchen props!

I hope yall had a wonderful Christmas this year! We spent a lot of time with family and were able to reflect on all of our blessings and the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ and what he did in his life. I am reminded every day of how imperfect I am, and through Him I am able to strive to progress through this life! Hallelujah! I want to close this by showing a video that I have been obsessed with this whole Christmas break: 

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