Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Beast

Mark and I gave our couch away to another couple in our ward. This thing is a beast. It's basically solid steel. In order to move it, we told the couple we would need at least four people, especially to get it up to their third floor apartment! I thought it was so ridiculous that I documented the ordeal.

Here they are moving it up the stairs.

Lifting and shoving and pushing...you got it guys!

:( battle wound (again with his famous turquois shirt (haha)

Ouchies! accidentally got blood on the couch too....whoops!

And I know this is super gross, but this is where the couch was.
I just wanted to point out that a few of the brown spots on the carpet are...
Chocolate chips. They must have fallen through the cracks! I'm so gross!

We spent the next three days just camping out on the floor without a couch. Luckily I have such a wonderful mother-in-law who said that we could have one of her old leather couches. Friday night, we set out to get it in Alpine. It's really cute! Since it doesn't have leg rests, we went to the R.C. Willey outlet and got a storage-type ottoman for 100 bucks. Our place looks so much better!

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  1. hahahaha. the chocolate chip thing. the reason why that is so funny, is because if you want me to go to the store and get you a hershey's bar..i will!! hahaha thats like snacking on marshmallows (and sometimes i do)