Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clark Cabo Thanksgiving, 2010

Taken the first day (you can always tell by the skin color), Room 1324! 

The lovely Bathroom for two

Great room! Great guy!= bound to be a great Vacation

View from the couch- we had our own little kitchen! Thank you Papa Clark!
Out to dinner to Johnny Rockets of all places. I wish I would have taken pictures of the names of other restaurants that we went to--let's just say we ate very well. This picture is so precious because Nico is doing "Intsy-Bitsy Spider" with my dad. Ask Mark: he had tough competition with this kid around; I love my little Nicolas.

I realize that almost every post of Mark and I he is wearing this same shirt. I promise he has more clothes :) 

Snorkeling day! We're waiting for the water taxi. I love seeing all the cruise ships and fancy yachts in the harbor. It's so peaceful!

We're going snorkeling behind that LARGE cruise ship.

Of course I have a brother who is wearing a woman's wetsuit purchased at D.I....

And a brother wearing a nasty European-styled Speedo. Nas-ty. They both seemed thrilled about it, especially when David started acting gay to my dad and Mark and the vendors on the beach.

This was my favorite moment in Mexico. Two days before we left, I woke up early in the morning on my own and thought I'd wake my sleeping darling next to me to go watch the sunrise! It was so beautiful. I took wayy too many pictures of its progress.

The famous cliffs...gorgeous.

You can see the small fishing boats if you look closely!

I loved these whispy clouds.

My favorite part of this trip! Love this guy.

Fishing on the shore....the sun's finally peeking out!

Hold your breath!....

aahh....is that not breath-taking or what? I wanted to live in that moment forever! I'm so cheesy! Que Romantico (how romantic)!!

And here we are! Sleepyheads!

Yes we ate like kings while we were there, but no I don't have a belly hanging over my pants! It's the shirt, I promise. :) Meeting David and Fifi for dinner.

Bronzed beauties. Actually out of the whole family we are by far the most white, but that's just fine! I probably went through 3/4 of my SPF 30 lotion. Mark experienced a little more burn, but he's just dead sexy anyway.

We had a wonderful time! I'm sorry that I didn't take more pictures though :( I promise that Fifi, my mom and Erica were there. Mexico is always therapeutic (reading on the beach in 82 degree weather=close to heaven!), and we really appreciated being able to go and to have our own room! We are so blessed. One of the highlights was going to church there and having the opportunity to witness their primary program! It was so precious. Another highlight was having the whole family together! We were all separated during the summer so we weren't able to all be together for any trips, so this was a treat. Another big highlight was snorkeling. It was really beautiful and once I got into the water I was like a little kid and could not believe how many fish and other sea creatures were under the water. Another highlight was obviously watching the sunrise with Mark! We had never done that before (I'm not peppy in the mornings usually). We cannot wait for the next trip in two years! Estamos agradecido por todo que tenemos, y por la oportunidad estar en Mexico con mi familia bonita por siete dias. Hasta Luego, Cabo! 

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