Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"little person"

After seeing Paige Anderson's magnificient art show at BYU, we headed to a fancy dinner at Gloria's Little Italy. Oh my gosh. Heaven in my mouth. If you go, you have to get the Gnochi (pronounced nokey) with the creamy red sauce. It was out of this world! We stuffed ourselves to the brim, and felt really useless afterward and practically rolled back to the car. Well, before we left, I thought I'd run to the restroom because my bladder was about to burst of course. I went to wash my hands and was surprised by this:

I'm standing flat-footed. And I could only see my forehead in the mirror. What's the point of putting a mirror there? I am such a midget.

Now standing on my tippy toes. I think it may be so high up so that women don't get depressed seeing their tummys after eating at Carbo-heaven? Or I'm just shrinking. But man it was good.

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