Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nothing Special

I cannot believe that it is already DECEMBER. I'll have to post my pictures and comments from our Thanksgiving trip to Cabo San Lucas later.

Can I just say that I'm loving reading the Harry Potter books right now? They're so fast and fun! I read the first two on vacation. I bought all 7 at Borders the other now I have to read all of them! This is so strange for me to be reading all of these fiction books because I'd say that I am more of a Classics fan...Jane Austen, Charles Dickens....but these fiction books are a great break from all the history books I've been forced to read this semester! AND I REALLY LOVE Hunger Games. I know I've blogged about it before, but I read Catching Fire on vacation too (the second book in the series) and it was really entertaining and kept me reading all day.

Yesterday I finished a book called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I've been reading it throughout the semester just when I have a few moments here an there and it was pretty good. It's about a child who has autism and this child's view of the world around him. I'm in an education class about teaching students with special needs, and so this book helps put into perspective what a child with autism goes through and the feelings he/she has. I may have a student someday who conveys the same behaviors as 'Christopher' in the book.

The other book that I read over the summer that I think is better than this one (as far as disabilities go) is Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. It's a true story about Daniel who has Asperger's Syndrome. This book is unique because normally persons with Asperger's or Autism cannot explain why they are feeling the way they do into words. He has a remarkable story and I read this for a literacy class that I took over the summer.You should YouTube this guy...he's a genius!

To switch things up a bit, right now I'm in the process of reading Bendigo Shafter, a wild Western by Louis L'Amour. I had to read it for my American West History class, and I LOVE IT SO FAR! I have about 80 pages left and it's just about the westward migration across Wyoming and a group that establishes a town near South Pass.

The hardships that they endured were crazy! I love how it ties in with Mormon History and tells about how the members of this small town helped rescue members of a Mormon handcart company and how Porter Rockwell came back to thank these town members. Bendigo is a young buck--only 18 when he takes it upon himself to ride across the West to Oregon to drive cattle back into their town so that they have a steady supply of meat. He reminds me of Captain Moroni, especially in this picture of him: Don't they look similar? Their characteristics are very alike too...haha!

The story is fictional, but contains events that could have very well happened. If you want entertainment while getting a taste of the West in the latter 19th Century (1800s), read this book! Okay that's all for now with my book rambling.

Happy Reading! And Happy December!

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  1. oh oh! i have the BEST book for you to read.
    its called "look again" by Lisa scottoline.
    so good.
    i havent read the potter series nor the hunger games. guess i need to jump on the bandwagon