Friday, January 7, 2011


We were in the kitchen a couple of days ago. Okay, not uncommon, but it's what was said in the kitchen that makes me laugh!

I think I was probably whining to Mark about how I don't want to be fat. Not uncommon either! So Mark grabbed me and gave me one of his big bear hugs, let go, went into the living room, paused and said,

"Honey, if you ate nothing but fried chicken and mashed potatoes for the next thirty years, then you'd be my dream woman"

Is that a good thing, babe? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Thanks? You're a jerk? Am I not YOUR DREAM WOMAN NOW, YOU DORK?! I just have no idea.

This is Mark, and to my credit I was just saying that if you were to eat nothing but fried chicked and mashed potatoes for the next thirty years you would still look great.  You have such a cute, petite figure that even a little extra poundage couldn't hurt.

Okay thanks honey, that's what I thought :) and I'm so proud of you for writing on "our" blog!! Maybe I should say controversial things more often....:) love you


  1. are you crazy?! you are little.
    and your header picture is so dang cute.

  2. you guys are so funny. just wait until you have to have mark tell you how attractive you are with a FREAKING BEACH BALL attached to your belly...i have to get reassurance from mike every time i to to a doctor's appointment and see how much i weigh. it's crazy.

    by the way, can we see you two soon?

  3. you make me laugh:) It was sooo good to see you last week, you are darling. I hope you have a great week!