Monday, February 28, 2011

Awesome story! Thank you, Ardis

A friend from school has this amazing blog. She's studying at Cambridge people...she's brilliant. And spiritual. And awesome. Anyway, she found this other blog and I love this man's explanation of how we can use the Atonement in our lives! This is a post concerning his anxiety about getting cancer...again. It makes my anxiety about other things completely minor! 

After many days of this anxiety, I finally made a heartfelt appeal on my knees. I told God that I was fairly certain of the process for making His son’s atonement work for me in the expurgation of my sins, but that I was at a total loss as to how the atonement worked in the deliverance from the pain and sorrow and grief of every day heartaches and other illnesses of the soul that come, not because of sin or rebellion, but because of ... well, just because.

“I am unaware of any process to put into play here, Father. How is it accomplished? I’ve been taught that the atonement covers this sort of thing. But how? What do I do? What do I do?”

After a bit of consideration, I said, “Here’s what I think–I hope–will work. I’m going to take all this worry–this pain–this anxiety, all this fear and terror, and roll it all up into a ball and I’m going to toss it up to you. Will that work? Is that all I need to do? Because I don’t think I can get through another day like this. I’m kinda goin’ crazy here and I need to get rid of this stuff. So, here–here it is, take it. I’m tossing it as high as I can. Please catch it. It’s yours now.”

And I did it. I rolled it all up and threw it into the air. At least I pictured myself doing that. Then I took a deep breath and went to work.

And then it was as if a gentle rain followed me everywhere I went that day. The mud and muck of fear and uncertainty dissolved under that warm and friendly downpour slowly but persistently as the day went on. And by the time I went to bed that night my heart and my mind were calm and peaceful. And have been–on the subject of cancer–ever since.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is the spot that Mark proposed to me. We took these pictures on our one-year engagement anniversary and tried to re-inact the whole thing. 
I'm bummed because I am out on the couch acting like a sorry-butt and basically sent him to bed. 
He's so darn cute; why did I do that? Ugh.
What a night!
Word to the wise: do not let relationships with other family members get in the way with the relationship that matters the most!
Funny thing about this tree...we put 6/6, but figured out that we really got engaged on June 4th... 
WHOOPS, sorry tree.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Highlights of the week!

  • Successfully breaded and fried my first batch of tilapia fish (under-cooked one of the little guys...sorry Mark!). As a result of this breading/frying session--decided not to make it a habit!
  • Ran 4 miles on Monday and wished I could run 4 miles every day
  • Discovered cooked cabbage!!!! It's so amazing and delicious when you simply boil it and add salt. I've had it twice this week! Healthy, simple, fast, and delicious= score!
  • Kept the apartment clean for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT! Mark is such a good helper!
  • Finished reading The Great Gatsby (2nd time since jr. year of H.S.). It's so good! Love love Fitzgerald and his cynicism of society. 
  • Learning that not only are magazines and journals italicized, but names of BOATS are too...always! I thought it was funny. For example: "During the Pearl Harbor raid, the U.S.S Arizona was bombed." (Thank you, English 315!) Oh and learning that if your last name is, for example "Brocious" (my teacher's last name) that Christmas cards should be addressed "The Brociouses." Doesn't that seem totally wrong to you? or "James" would be "The Jameses" Does to me to! I just eliminate the plural part and put "The James Family." You're welcome for that free English lesson :)
  • Shopping for two hours at Target at 8 a.m. (Friday) in a snowstorm for curtains. I was that determined!
  • Getting my watch from "Nordy's" after getting 2 gift cards for my birthday and having a sweet mother who insisted to cover the rest. It's beautiful! Am I vain? Maybe. :)
  • Mark writing my entrepreneurship paper for me (half of it...) when I had FIVE PAPERS DUE IN ONE DAY. I told him that we were going to H-E-double hockey sticks. He replied "at least we'll be together." Yes...this is true....Plus, we are "one," right? Thank you Honor Code office, I knew you'd understand.
  • Eating a turkey burger at Burgers Supreme w/wheat bun. It was DELICIOUS! Eventhough we eat out quite a bit (it's our favorite thing to do, actually), I can count on one hand the number of times that we've been to a "fast food restaurant," such as Wendy's, In-n-Out, Burgers Supreme, etc. Okay okay, probably two hands, but the point is we don't eat at fast food joints a lot. We're more Cafe Rio and Zupa's people. No, those are not fast food places, even though you get your food fast! :)
  • Getting buy one, get one FREE at Farr's yogurt! (yet another post about food...see?!) $2.64 for the BOTH of us. Awesome!
  • Reading blogs. It's probably on my top five favorite things to do! So, keep posting!!!
  • This is true and applicable for every week, but I'm going to say it anyway: Getting my back/arms/legs/armpits (yes!) scratched every single night before bed. It's a ritual that I am forever grateful for. I don't think I'd be able to fall asleep without getting that from Mark. You know the craziest part? He doesn't even want it in return! Well, he wants it....and you all know what that is...we're both pretty happy all the time. 
On that lovely note, have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Bridal Fair & Business in general (warning: this is a long, boring post)

...was a total hit! SO, I don't think I have said anything about my new entrepreneurship class at BYU, but it's amazing. And my favorite.

So for this class...we are supposed to make at least $1500 by the end of the semester to get an A. On the second or third week of class, students who had business ideas or newly-created businesses got up in front of the class to tell about their idea and essentially hire people who were interested in working with them. I didn't have an idea hoping that I could join a group doing something that would "show me the money". So, my strategy was to find the most driven, passionate person presenting something that I was interested in. The guy that I ended up joining has a photo business. He rents a scanner and we get jobs scanning and saving on external harddrives old photos and we charge them for it. Easy, right? There is a high demand (especially in the older generations) for this service and it can be very lucrative. So far we are just short of the $1500 required for the class and it has only been a month :)

Well, another opportunity arose during all of this photo business. A kid in the group, Skyler, is friends with our teacher's son who owns a photo booth (confusing?) know, the kind for weddings, parties, reunions, etc. BUT he is moving in a week and a half and doesn't want to take it with him. So Skyler, my team member, is going to buy it from him. We took it to the wedding fair (Skyler's the mastermind behind getting the $800 booth for $450...) and the two of us just promoted it all day. We had a blast and undercutted (is that a word?) the other 4 photo booths at the fair by a significant amount of money and therefore got mucho mucho interest and business. By the second half of the day we found out that all the other booths had cut their prices so they could compete with ours. You're welcome, brides-to-be! So Anyway, this business class has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I'm learning a lot and feel like I am actually an asset to these guys (I'm the only married one in the group of 4 guys and 1 girl (me)). You have to remember that I haven't actually had a JOB in over A YEAR so it's been awhile since I've felt like a contributor to anything other than BYU's bank account. :)

Mark especially loves all the business lingo that i'm learning so that he and I can actually have a TWO-WAY conversation about business. He wants to own his own business within the next 10 years and so I think he's grateful that I'm more "with it" as far as understanding the entrepreneur's mindset (it's totally foreign to those of us who are more traditional in our money-making ventures--get a job working for some corporation, etc.--he'd rather die than work for a big corporation at a desk the rest of his life and I totally support that now!) My brother has similar desires so this class has helped me be more supportive of him too. In fact, the other night Mark and I were up really late talking about "business" and I kindof laughed inside to myself because whenever I heard my brother and dad and other men talk about "business" I'd just leave the room. But now I love it!

So anyway, Mark told me that when we were getting serious and were going to get married he set this "plan" in his head: get married, finish his undergrad, get an internship with a big company, get a job with a big company, go to grad. school to get his MBA, and work his way up the ladder until he retires. But now he gets anxious thinking about working under someone for the rest of his life and hardly getting a chance to be creative and use his talents with a business. He said lately it's all he can think about. Some of those things remain in the "plan" of course...(finish under grad, get an MBA) but the job with the big company isn't nearly as appealing to him. He (and I)  realize that he'll need to get job experience as the underdog for a few years...he's just more excited now to be able to break away and be his own boss doing something. Who knows what that will be!?!?! Only time will tell! But i have a lot of faith in him and hope that I can contribute to whatever he ends up doing someday. Okay, ENOUGH of this business talk! This is just for fun. Hopefully our business will be more like The Office someday. They work so hard.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Add my new small business!

We're going to be at the Bridal Fair on Saturday! I'm so excited! (Free admission for you single ladies.....)

Spoiled Rotten {{another} Valentine's day post}

V-tines day was awesome this year. Other than ruining boxed brownies that I made for my Provo High ACT kids and doing homework til 7:30, it was a great day. Oh and then I didn't get out to get Mark a gift until that day. I was at Macy's and picked up some cute shirts on sale (seriously a great deal) and I made some small talk with the cashier lady about how busy it had been that day because of V-tine's day. She went on to tell me about all the men who had procrastinated getting gifts for their women. "Ha-ha-....well I'm sure a few women have been in here too?..." No response. "Have a great day!" [exit store].

I'm spoiled rotten because that night when we were out to dinner (over-priced, mediocre food @ Mimi's Cafe...totally disappointed! The Diet Coke was sure good though!), he busts out a beautiful necklace from Nordy's, a caramel apple and an apron that says "Get me CHOCOLATE and no one gets HURT"...which describes me perfectly. :) Oh, and the receipt says he got it on SATURDAY. He's always a few steps ahead of me. I should really try not to procrastinate! He loved the shirts I got him though, and we had a fun time after.

My man is cute. I'm so glad he was willing to be my Valentine, despite all of my imperfections!

side-note: I ran 5.3 miles (have to be specific here) that morning (wasn't it a beautiful day?!) and guys...I have been hobbling like a granny since! My word. You'd think I haven't gone running for months! oh wait....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Brand spankin' new!

Isn't the new blog beautiful?? I finally took the time to explore my options. Poor Mark, I hope he doesn't get sad that his name got kicked off....

Oh and I realized that not one person is following my blog. I'm following something around 62.


I am supposed to be doing school work... but hey, I give myself SOME credit because I'm AT school...meh :( I can't get lazy this quick into the semester. Mark and I were talking about how fast this semester has gone though. It's incredible that it is already the weekend again! The problem is that the weekends also go by quickly...

Alas, for the 2 of you who read this, have a WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S DAY filled with lots of kisses, hugs, and lingerie.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm so cold. I'm wearing my North Face coat while sitting on the couch. We walked in from school tonight at like 6:45 and OUR DOOR WAS OPEN! And what's even more creepy...we had a flier on our door, which means someone was definitely capable of just taking a stroll through our apartment anytime today...
But our TV is still here, which is the only thing of value (as far as $$ goes) in this apartment other than this computer.

However, I am very grateful that I have a place to sleep tonight! It's sure cold out there! And that I have a big bear-of-a-husband who would smother me with body warmth all day if we could! And I have extra warmth from my Gandolfo's turkey sandwhich and Sammie's peach cobler shake at dinner tonight.....!! Diet? What's that?! No I did not cook today and no I don't feel badly about it. :)

ps- this is gross but I totally forgot to wear deoderant today... we should probably wake up a few minutes earlier so that A) I put deoderant on and B) we shut the door and lock it on the way out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Monday night for FHE we were invited by a big group in our ward to go laser tagging. We made a previous commitment to our friend Aaron to take him to a movie that night, but when we told him about a laser tagging opportunity, he got a lot more excited. So we went.

There were 8 married couples there + Aaron, but he didn't seem to mind! I got so pumped to dominate the other couples and wore all black, put hair back, and even wore my Nike's. In order to DOMINATE you have to be INVISIBLE. I learned this during my laser tagging days back in 5th grade.

The guy working at the place gave us some rules.... yaddy yaddy yadda no running blah blah blah.... Then we got suited up. Red team, all the way. K I'm making this so long and pathetic haha. LONG STORY SHORT, we finished the game, found out that the Green team actually won, but as the guy handed us our score sheets...the question kept coming up, "WHO GOT FIRST?!?!?"... After calling out several numbers, finally mine came. My friend Amy screamed "OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!! YOU GOT FIRST PLACE!!"

Who, me? Naturally!!

...Bragging rights for AT LEAST a month. That's right all you 25 year old "men", I killed you all at least 10 times and did it without breaking a sweat. How did I do this you might ask? You will NEVER know.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paige! Look how cute you are! Cutest pregnant lady ever. 

The happy parents to-be (any day, literally!)

I think Ada (baby) needs to come out because we're all dying to meet her! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


I am embarrassed. My poor nephew. And me. I just tried changing his diaper, and started throwing up. I made it to the sink. ewe. Has anyone else seriously THROWN UP because of a dirty diaper?? My confidence in someday being a mommy is extremely low now. :(

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My great-grandma Dorothy Schroeder died yesterday at 1:27 p.m. at my grandma's house in Orem.
Luckily, Mark felt impressed on Monday night that we needed to go over to her house and be with her. I told him I had way too much homework (2 papers and 3 scholarship applications due the next day), but he just said "we should go see her tonight from 4:15-5:15". I just said okay and he came and got me and headed over there. Now I know why he was insistent! I'm so grateful that he listened to the Spirit, because had I not had the chance to say goodbye, I would have regretted it the rest of my life! When we got there, she was knocked out on pain medication and I had a hard time seeing her like that. No one was expecting us to go over there, so when they saw Mark they were relieved because they needed to move her from her bed to the hospital bed that was in the living room so that she would be more comfortable. We were there for about an hour and left to babysit our nieces in South Jordan. Tuesday I had classes from 8:30-5, but I only went to one class, then I got the text from my mom that Grandma had passed away. After I took care of some things and wrote emails to my professors, Mark came and comforted me at home, then I headed over to my grandma's to be with my family. I brought brownies (because EVERYONE loves chocolate when they're sad) and got to say goodbye to grandma before they took her away. It didn't take long for me, my fun aunt Cindy, cousin Marissa, grandma Carol, my great-aunt Mary, aunt Jennie, and my crazy mother to all start talking about fun memories and laugh our rear-ends off. We had a great time and I'm glad that I decided to blow off my homework and go hang out with them.

My grandma, if any of you have not met her, is the most sweet, non-judgmental, caring, loyal woman that I have ever known. That may seem like an exaggeration, but if you ask anyone about her, they would say the same. She was an extremely faithful member of the Church and always kept a current temple recommend even though she could not go the last few years. She always took time to see how my life was going and would always insist on me drinking orange juice every time I went over to her place. Anytime I took her to a doctor's appointment or picked her up to go to my parents' for dinner she would slip me 5 bucks and tell me to go to lunch. She was so sweet! I took Mark over there before we got married to see her and she was very approving of him, then again, she never had anything negative to say about anyone! She saw the good in people and was always grateful. I love her so much and look up to her example and will try to live up to the legacy that she left. She really was a remarkable woman. I will miss her so much!

I challenge all of you who read this to call your grandmothers and tell them that you love them! Never take them for granted! :)