Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Monday night for FHE we were invited by a big group in our ward to go laser tagging. We made a previous commitment to our friend Aaron to take him to a movie that night, but when we told him about a laser tagging opportunity, he got a lot more excited. So we went.

There were 8 married couples there + Aaron, but he didn't seem to mind! I got so pumped to dominate the other couples and wore all black, put hair back, and even wore my Nike's. In order to DOMINATE you have to be INVISIBLE. I learned this during my laser tagging days back in 5th grade.

The guy working at the place gave us some rules.... yaddy yaddy yadda no running blah blah blah.... Then we got suited up. Red team, all the way. K I'm making this so long and pathetic haha. LONG STORY SHORT, we finished the game, found out that the Green team actually won, but as the guy handed us our score sheets...the question kept coming up, "WHO GOT FIRST?!?!?"... After calling out several numbers, finally mine came. My friend Amy screamed "OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!! YOU GOT FIRST PLACE!!"

Who, me? Naturally!!

...Bragging rights for AT LEAST a month. That's right all you 25 year old "men", I killed you all at least 10 times and did it without breaking a sweat. How did I do this you might ask? You will NEVER know.

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