Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Bridal Fair & Business in general (warning: this is a long, boring post)

...was a total hit! SO, I don't think I have said anything about my new entrepreneurship class at BYU, but it's amazing. And my favorite.

So for this class...we are supposed to make at least $1500 by the end of the semester to get an A. On the second or third week of class, students who had business ideas or newly-created businesses got up in front of the class to tell about their idea and essentially hire people who were interested in working with them. I didn't have an idea hoping that I could join a group doing something that would "show me the money". So, my strategy was to find the most driven, passionate person presenting something that I was interested in. The guy that I ended up joining has a photo business. He rents a scanner and we get jobs scanning and saving on external harddrives old photos and we charge them for it. Easy, right? There is a high demand (especially in the older generations) for this service and it can be very lucrative. So far we are just short of the $1500 required for the class and it has only been a month :)

Well, another opportunity arose during all of this photo business. A kid in the group, Skyler, is friends with our teacher's son who owns a photo booth (confusing?) know, the kind for weddings, parties, reunions, etc. BUT he is moving in a week and a half and doesn't want to take it with him. So Skyler, my team member, is going to buy it from him. We took it to the wedding fair (Skyler's the mastermind behind getting the $800 booth for $450...) and the two of us just promoted it all day. We had a blast and undercutted (is that a word?) the other 4 photo booths at the fair by a significant amount of money and therefore got mucho mucho interest and business. By the second half of the day we found out that all the other booths had cut their prices so they could compete with ours. You're welcome, brides-to-be! So Anyway, this business class has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I'm learning a lot and feel like I am actually an asset to these guys (I'm the only married one in the group of 4 guys and 1 girl (me)). You have to remember that I haven't actually had a JOB in over A YEAR so it's been awhile since I've felt like a contributor to anything other than BYU's bank account. :)

Mark especially loves all the business lingo that i'm learning so that he and I can actually have a TWO-WAY conversation about business. He wants to own his own business within the next 10 years and so I think he's grateful that I'm more "with it" as far as understanding the entrepreneur's mindset (it's totally foreign to those of us who are more traditional in our money-making ventures--get a job working for some corporation, etc.--he'd rather die than work for a big corporation at a desk the rest of his life and I totally support that now!) My brother has similar desires so this class has helped me be more supportive of him too. In fact, the other night Mark and I were up really late talking about "business" and I kindof laughed inside to myself because whenever I heard my brother and dad and other men talk about "business" I'd just leave the room. But now I love it!

So anyway, Mark told me that when we were getting serious and were going to get married he set this "plan" in his head: get married, finish his undergrad, get an internship with a big company, get a job with a big company, go to grad. school to get his MBA, and work his way up the ladder until he retires. But now he gets anxious thinking about working under someone for the rest of his life and hardly getting a chance to be creative and use his talents with a business. He said lately it's all he can think about. Some of those things remain in the "plan" of course...(finish under grad, get an MBA) but the job with the big company isn't nearly as appealing to him. He (and I)  realize that he'll need to get job experience as the underdog for a few years...he's just more excited now to be able to break away and be his own boss doing something. Who knows what that will be!?!?! Only time will tell! But i have a lot of faith in him and hope that I can contribute to whatever he ends up doing someday. Okay, ENOUGH of this business talk! This is just for fun. Hopefully our business will be more like The Office someday. They work so hard.

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  1. this is pretty cool! my mom works with someone who does the scanner thing, and holy cow can you make money doing that!