Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm so cold. I'm wearing my North Face coat while sitting on the couch. We walked in from school tonight at like 6:45 and OUR DOOR WAS OPEN! And what's even more creepy...we had a flier on our door, which means someone was definitely capable of just taking a stroll through our apartment anytime today...
But our TV is still here, which is the only thing of value (as far as $$ goes) in this apartment other than this computer.

However, I am very grateful that I have a place to sleep tonight! It's sure cold out there! And that I have a big bear-of-a-husband who would smother me with body warmth all day if we could! And I have extra warmth from my Gandolfo's turkey sandwhich and Sammie's peach cobler shake at dinner tonight.....!! Diet? What's that?! No I did not cook today and no I don't feel badly about it. :)

ps- this is gross but I totally forgot to wear deoderant today... we should probably wake up a few minutes earlier so that A) I put deoderant on and B) we shut the door and lock it on the way out.

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