Saturday, February 26, 2011

Highlights of the week!

  • Successfully breaded and fried my first batch of tilapia fish (under-cooked one of the little guys...sorry Mark!). As a result of this breading/frying session--decided not to make it a habit!
  • Ran 4 miles on Monday and wished I could run 4 miles every day
  • Discovered cooked cabbage!!!! It's so amazing and delicious when you simply boil it and add salt. I've had it twice this week! Healthy, simple, fast, and delicious= score!
  • Kept the apartment clean for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT! Mark is such a good helper!
  • Finished reading The Great Gatsby (2nd time since jr. year of H.S.). It's so good! Love love Fitzgerald and his cynicism of society. 
  • Learning that not only are magazines and journals italicized, but names of BOATS are too...always! I thought it was funny. For example: "During the Pearl Harbor raid, the U.S.S Arizona was bombed." (Thank you, English 315!) Oh and learning that if your last name is, for example "Brocious" (my teacher's last name) that Christmas cards should be addressed "The Brociouses." Doesn't that seem totally wrong to you? or "James" would be "The Jameses" Does to me to! I just eliminate the plural part and put "The James Family." You're welcome for that free English lesson :)
  • Shopping for two hours at Target at 8 a.m. (Friday) in a snowstorm for curtains. I was that determined!
  • Getting my watch from "Nordy's" after getting 2 gift cards for my birthday and having a sweet mother who insisted to cover the rest. It's beautiful! Am I vain? Maybe. :)
  • Mark writing my entrepreneurship paper for me (half of it...) when I had FIVE PAPERS DUE IN ONE DAY. I told him that we were going to H-E-double hockey sticks. He replied "at least we'll be together." Yes...this is true....Plus, we are "one," right? Thank you Honor Code office, I knew you'd understand.
  • Eating a turkey burger at Burgers Supreme w/wheat bun. It was DELICIOUS! Eventhough we eat out quite a bit (it's our favorite thing to do, actually), I can count on one hand the number of times that we've been to a "fast food restaurant," such as Wendy's, In-n-Out, Burgers Supreme, etc. Okay okay, probably two hands, but the point is we don't eat at fast food joints a lot. We're more Cafe Rio and Zupa's people. No, those are not fast food places, even though you get your food fast! :)
  • Getting buy one, get one FREE at Farr's yogurt! (yet another post about food...see?!) $2.64 for the BOTH of us. Awesome!
  • Reading blogs. It's probably on my top five favorite things to do! So, keep posting!!!
  • This is true and applicable for every week, but I'm going to say it anyway: Getting my back/arms/legs/armpits (yes!) scratched every single night before bed. It's a ritual that I am forever grateful for. I don't think I'd be able to fall asleep without getting that from Mark. You know the craziest part? He doesn't even want it in return! Well, he wants it....and you all know what that is...we're both pretty happy all the time. 
On that lovely note, have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! 

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