Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spoiled Rotten {{another} Valentine's day post}

V-tines day was awesome this year. Other than ruining boxed brownies that I made for my Provo High ACT kids and doing homework til 7:30, it was a great day. Oh and then I didn't get out to get Mark a gift until that day. I was at Macy's and picked up some cute shirts on sale (seriously a great deal) and I made some small talk with the cashier lady about how busy it had been that day because of V-tine's day. She went on to tell me about all the men who had procrastinated getting gifts for their women. "Ha-ha-....well I'm sure a few women have been in here too?..." No response. "Have a great day!" [exit store].

I'm spoiled rotten because that night when we were out to dinner (over-priced, mediocre food @ Mimi's Cafe...totally disappointed! The Diet Coke was sure good though!), he busts out a beautiful necklace from Nordy's, a caramel apple and an apron that says "Get me CHOCOLATE and no one gets HURT"...which describes me perfectly. :) Oh, and the receipt says he got it on SATURDAY. He's always a few steps ahead of me. I should really try not to procrastinate! He loved the shirts I got him though, and we had a fun time after.

My man is cute. I'm so glad he was willing to be my Valentine, despite all of my imperfections!

side-note: I ran 5.3 miles (have to be specific here) that morning (wasn't it a beautiful day?!) and guys...I have been hobbling like a granny since! My word. You'd think I haven't gone running for months! oh wait....

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  1. aww cute!
    you are so funny-only you would think enough to look at when he got it. you are a good little wifey! i dont think you give yourself enough credit!!
    luv you lots. i think you guys are so cute!!!