Wednesday, March 9, 2011

acne and chocolate

Hi, my name is Amy and I am an addict.

Chocolate junky--that's me. I literally have not gone A DAY without it for the past week. 
no, Amy, no! stop thinking about it! 

Oh, and I have acne. Maybe there's a correlation between the two? or is it causation? 
ugh. I need to get on some anti-biotics or something. 
One problem though--it undoes the effects of birth control. 
Maybe I can get injections in my face like I did as a junior in high school. 
That was no fun!
Why does it have to revisit me again? 
Apparently my grandpa passed it down to me, or I guess he passed it to my mom who then passed it to me. 
I could have gone without that trait for sure! 

Do any of you suffer from either of the two?


  1. AMY! We are twins. I'm currently addicted to Mc. Donald's sundaes (you'd think the shame of being seen in the drive through would be enough to kick my habit...) face. Always been a problem for me.
    Conlin has had two zits his entire life.
    Not fair.

  2. 1) Yes I am a chocolate addict, and proud of it. I made a huge chocolate cake on sunday. It is gone now.
    2) I feel like I got lied to about acne. I kept hearing "oh it will go away when you aren't a teenager" all I'd like to say is: BULL :)I hate it haha

  3. WHAT??? Antibiotics undo the effects of birth control????

    I get acne still too! You'd think by now it'd be gone...but of course not! My theory is just don't pick. I could sit for hours on end in front of the mirror and pick my face. (I know, sick) but it's so fun! :) haha. I know that I am not the only one though. I've noticed when I don't search and search for something to pick, I have less.

    I love chocolate too!!

    Oh, and have I told you I love your blog?! Well, I love it!!

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  5. sorry that was me above. i have the same two problems. sad. and i think that they are totally related, but it doesn't stop me from eating chocolate. acne is the worst.