Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun, Food, Friends, VEGAS (and basketball)

(After reading this you'll see how much of a food junkie I am. I hope you don't think less of me :) haha) 
And sorry, no pictures :(
Mark, Me, and my brother David got in the car on Friday around noon and headed to the South Point hotel in Vegas......that night we:

Watched BYU/New Mexico duel it out that Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings. We met up with Casey and Janice Fehlberg, The Garvins, and a few others. It was an amazing game (the parts that I watched and wasn't chit-chatting with Megan about babies (she's like 14 weeks along now), exercising, food, Hawaii, married stuff, etc...) and our husbands couldn't have been happier. This was Jimmer's 52-point game...the guys were wild to say the least, and towards the end I was grabbing Mark's leg and arm bouncing my bum on my chair out of excitement. I was glad that my bro David was there with us too. The wings were yum, but a few of us had some gnarly tummy aches later. We ordered honey BBQ wings and then creamy garlic wings. I liked the garlic better. I got a side salad to help digest those babies.
After the game, I was ready for some dessert and a night out. I get that strong, undeniable urge for sugar after a meal (every meal) but we decided to head to our hotel room with the Morgans. We ended up watching the San Diego State/UNLV game and chatting til about 11. Gladiator was on and we started watching it. Megan went unconcious first (growing a baby inside of her wipes the girl out!), then Mark, then Matt, then me. I never got that dessert or a night out. I guess the AMY vs. ESPN game was obvious...ESPN wasted me. We made up for it the next day though.

So Saturday came and we went to the Hash House for "breakfast." I guess it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives...We met up with a big group, including some unexpected people from our ward! Lexi and Greg Bullock and Kelsey and Matt Phillips were there too. It was awesome seeing them. Well, they told us the wait was 30 minutes. I thought, "oh! not bad! I'm hungry!" It was about 10:30 when we got there. So the time starts tickin'. (I'm going to make this really dramatic because for some reason that's how it was for me). 30 minutes...45 minutes....ONE HOUR..... by this point I am barely coherent. For those of you that know me, I am happy as a clam when I eat every three hours or so. But any longer than that, I can be quite beastly (this is not the case when I'm fasting, by the way. That's a lot easier....) and I get really droopy! Little Amy needs her FOOD! Okay so finally after an hour and 20 minutes of waiting outside, we're finally seated. We wait longer. And longer. Oh and the mean lady who works there got mad at Mark and I for sitting on the end of a table because "it was too narrow to walk behind". I was not a happy camper at this point. Mark was thinking "could you make that glare on your face any less conspicuous??" as I sat across from him not saying a word. We FINALLY ordered, and that took another 15 minutes or so before we got our mounds of food. They must have you wait that long so that you eat every last piece of food off of your plate...... It was pretty good. But I told Mark, Matt and Megan: "I'm NEVER eating there again. I could have made that myself and the wait was BRUTAL!" I know they were all thinking..."uhh...calmate chica!" K but to make it all worse---the other two girls at the table were PREGNANT and they seemed totally cool and happy and nonchalant about the whole thing. Then there's me at the end of the table purposefully avoiding all conversations because I'm hungry as heck. Sheesh. Mark was really scared of me that day!

After eating we went to the hotel to get on our swimsuits and lay out for a bit until it was time to go to the game at 4. We got to the game and had a great time, except for the fact that we got spanked by SDSU. And their annoying fans section was right next to us getting drunk off their bums! Nothing topped the game from the night before. What I thoroughly enjoyed though was being able to get a Dr. Pepper at the game! The REAL kind, not "Caffeine free". I never get soda, so this was a major treat for me! And hello...BYU is anti-caffeinated beverages so I gladly indulged. Mark and Matt pretty much wanted to fight the fans.....that was funny. Oh and after the game the lines of SDSU fans getting booze to celebrate was pretty funny too.

We got to Maggiano's and had to wait awhile. We're convincd it's because we're obviously college students and weren't wearing fancy clothes.....that's a whole other blog topic. This is getting far too long, but basically I discovered that the gnocchi at Maggiano's has NOTHING on the gnocchi at Gloria's Little Italy right here in Provo. I also discovered that the Morgan's are awesome people to Vacation with because they're chill like, thanks you two! We're sure going to miss you when you move in April!! BUT expect a visit for sure.

We packed up and left the next morning and on the way out stopped at the Paris to get's a Freeman Family tradition everytime we go to Vegas. They were DELICIOUS as always.


  1. Haha Amy you crack me up... and I am glad you are a foodie like me!! Whyyyy have we not all played together sooner?? We need to get in on our husbands business meetings. Thank you for the fun vaca getaway, we had SO much fun with you guys! Love ya :)

  2. PS you should have posted that picture of you with your french toast!!! I was going to steal if from you and put it in my blog haha :)

  3. Haha! I can't wait to hear how hungry you get when you're pregnant!