Monday, March 21, 2011

A new favorite quote in the Freeman household

So there's this guy named Satan, also known as the Devil, Angel of Darkness, Antichrist, Lucifer, King of Hell, archfiend, Apollyon, Prince of Darkness, the adversary, etc. etc. (I looked up synonyms...).

Basically, he loves to mess with people. He loves to beat us down--and takes every opportunity to do so.

He's not like Christ who gives us tools for protection against the adversary or freedom and agency to choose what we want in this life if we only ask.

Satan is readily available at all times. Not only is he available, but he is constantly knocking at our front door.

So, after leaving our stake conference yesterday afternoon, I told Mark about how I feel like Satan is just zoning in on my spirit and how much it just bothered me. I told him how I wished I could just tell him to, excuse my french, "f-off." (I said "F", not the real word). He made me feel a lot better when he told me something his mission President's wife taught his zone. She said that when she feels Satan's presence creeping up, she boldly declares,

"GO TO HELL, SATAN!!!!!!" out loud. Because hello...that's where he belongs!

Mark and I had a little exercise in the car and had a good laugh. Then he gave me a beautiful blessing, and the day only got better and better.

Don't any of you feel like that? Like you just want to punch the Devil in the face and then go on in your happy life?


  1. hahah i LOVE it!!! I love your blog too! you are absolutely darling!

  2. Oh I love love that!! I think we'll start using that here!!! By the way...I know what your saying!