Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Job!

I have one happy man living with me. Hallelujah our prayers have been answered! Drum roll please...


Mark got a job working (for his dad) as the new Property Manager (yes, I capitalized the P and the M...more official) of Raintree Apartments here in Provo. It's a huge responsibility! It's perfect practice for him to someday hopefully manage his own company someday. He's over 10 employees and is completely in charge of a huge yearly budget while keeping residents happy and honor-code friendly.

For those of you who know Mark's papa, he's one tough cookie when it comes to business. He's soft as butter when it comes to anything else though. Anyway, Mark loves loves loves talking business and entrepreneurship with his dad when they both have a spare hour or so. Well I guess Papa Freeman has been extra impressed with Mark lately and thinks Mark is a great fit for the job. Of course if there are any "issues," Mark will be treated no differently than the other employees.

Anyway, he's probably the most excited that I have ever seen him (besides marrying me of course). He has recently acquired a new company iPad and iPhone, which means I get his iPhone. I should probably be more excited, but I like my life simple. Having the world at my fingertips hopefully doesn't mean more time-wasting...I already do that enough on my blogs!! :)

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