Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Running update

To get my mind off of stressful things in my life, I want to talk about running! A few posts ago, I committed myself again to the most convenient and cheap physical activity that I can do (since I can't kick/throw a ball, don't have a gym pass anymore, and am hating Insanity and P90X).

So here's my report:

Saturday, ran 4 miles with Mark in the snow: It was actually quite beautiful and rejuvenating running as the snow was falling, at least after the stomach cramps went away! Should have remembered to put my Body Glide goo imbetween my legs...chaffing hurts! Averaged a little under a ten minute mile. I'm pretty much a tortoise these days.

Monday, ran 4 miles with Mark again: Umm...this trip was a treat. I learned that one NEVER has an advantage when eating BEANS two hours before a run. Yeah, I barely made it through that one. Forgot to put on Body Glide. Chaffed once again. Barely made it under a 10 minute mile once again. Mark smoked me at mile 4 when I was holdin myself together. Oh and my ipod died. I make it sound like it was awful but I felt great those endorphins!

Wednesday (today), ran 4 miles by myself: Rocked it. Finally remembered to wear Body Glide, charge the ipod, and not eat beans before. Had a rough day concentrating and getting homework done due to anxious circumstances, but I'm glad I got a good run in! I ran at about a 9:07 pace. Much better, but not at all where I need to be. I think I'll change up my route on Friday though...running to Will's Pit Stop and back is starting to get lame.

I'm so lucky to be able to watch my mom run the Boston Marathon in April! She has worked so hard to get where she is, and I get to be there! Finishing a marathon is such a powerful thing. It's been two and a half years since I finished the St. George marathon and man, I have a lot to work up to! I ran that thing averaging an 8:25-8:30 minute mile! And that was quite a bit faster than the first marathon I did in 2006. I'm not saying that i'll be running a marathon anytime soon, but it's great motivation for these short runs (and pathetic at the same time to see how downhill I've gotten).

I'm so grateful for being able to just get out that door. That's the hardest part. Once I'm out there, there's no stopping me! Isn't it the same with life? You can't just sit and watch all the action pass in front of you; you have to get in there! :)

Here's a question: what gets you up and out the door?


  1. oh my a firm believer in "only being able to run if you have the motivation to" and i think motivation comes in waves.
    so kudos to you!!
    you go.
    gets me out the door? school at 9am.
    gets me out the door to zumba? getting dressed to go there, and realizing i need it :) hha

  2. amy! I saw you today and you looked awesome! i am in the same boat as you girl i haven't run in forever and have gone for the past 2 days (2-3 miles mind you) and pretty sure i'm sore...pathetic. we can do it!!!!

  3. You are awesome!!!!! That's all I have to say!