Saturday, March 5, 2011

So this morning we slept in til 9 (amazing) and I'm just waiting for my singing husband to get in his church clothes. We're goin' to the temple people! I'm just really excited. This week has been such an emotional roller-coaster. Tons of highs, and a few lows.
  • My parents offering to buy me a plane ticket to go to Boston with them in April for five days! 
  • Planning our trip to Vegas next weekend for the MWC basketball tournament
  • Eating out THREE TIMES this week! at my THREE FAVORITE PLACES! Cafe Rio (shared a pork salad), Bangkok Grill (green curry..mmm), and In-n-Out (complete with Strawberry shake! I guess now our fast food count may be above 10 :/)
  • Mark surprising me with Jazz tickets that his dad and step-mom so thoughtfully gave us! It was an exciting game, but poor Jazz! Barely lost to those no-good Nuggets.
  • Being able to attend the annual Chocolate Extravaganza raising money for Intermountain Healthcare's NICU. Precious babies, delicious chocolate= pure joy for Amy! Amazing to see all the money people donated. Very touching!
Don't need to say the lows, because today's going to be a great day and I'm so excited to feel peace in the temple. Seriously! I tried to prep myself this morning and read a few Ensign articles. Thank goodness for a modern-day Prophet and inspired leaders. Have a wonderful weekend!

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