Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boston hellos and Provo goodbyes

Us girls (Courtney, me, Mom, Leanne) under The Union Oyster House restaurant (THE oldest restaurant in the U.S.) It was pretty good, but I liked the atmosphere best.
This was the last time that I saw either of them!

Leaving the Bunker Hill Memorial on the Freedom Trail. We climbed the stairs up to the top and were SO SORE afterward.

The church where Paul Revere lit the lantern to warn the city of the British.

Cemetary with Can you tell I forced him into this picture with me? Little punk.

I'm so reverent in church...

Paul Revere statue

At the Boston convention center taking part in all the awesome marathon festivities

Right after she finished! It was such an inspiring environment. It totally makes me excited to get running again!

My cute dad and his Boston beanie. We're not tourists at all! He ran the last five miles or so with her. I'm so proud of my mama!
Saying goodbye to Megan Morgan at her baby shower--she moved to Hawaii! Did any of you notice how it has been DUMPING snow today? She left just in time! We're going to miss her and her husband Matt LOTS.

Saying goodbye to Erica! She's in Jerusalem for the summer. This is the girl that I was a cry baby about (previous post...!) She also left a certain guy named Robbie Larson who will also miss her dearly...
They went to Florida to meet his family last weekend. She totally fits in! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cry baby

Yesterday I was a total mess! Let me back up. On Thursday night, Mark was struck with the flu. We went to the doctor on Friday to find that it's just a virus and it had to run its course. I felt so badly for him! He was just lying on the doctor's table miserable from head to toe (mucus-y cough, aches, pains, galore). Well guess who got it the next day? Yours truly! Not fun. Laying down all darn day is not fun AT ALL. But I am almost done with the first season of Glee (probably not something to be proud of...)

Here I am, in my robe sitting on the couch. I haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm feeling quite awful. Mark is back to himself besides the occasional hack here and there. I need to eat but nothing sounds good. This is a problem.

Okay back to the "total mess" that I was in yesterday. For FHE we had a wonderful lesson on the "He is not here, but is risen" article in the Ensign. It was a wonderful discussion and spiritual moment, until I had to ruin it. I started BAWLING (or "wailing lustily" as puts it) thinking about my sister Erica leaving to Jerusalem on Wednesday. I'm going to miss her so much! I'm sad because she's an awful communicator and maybe I'm just really pessimistic but I'm pretty sure she won't write me at all. I still give her a hard time for not keeping in touch with me when I was on MY study abroad in Spain three years ago. I heard from her TWICE in THREE MONTHS! Yeah, that's not cool. So as we're talking about the Savior and having Christ-like attributes, for some reason I start ranting about Erica leaving and it was a tailspin from there on out. How does that connect??

I'm a cry baby!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One More (and a half)

One more final! I can do this! Political Science, how I hate thee. (Oh and I have a written final that I have to email my professor by sometime today...easy peasy lemon squeezy)

I heard that the lowest score so far has been 27%, and the highest 95% (there are 100 questions...)

Please oh please fall on the upper part of that range!!! :)

I'm so excited to blog more about Boston. That will come later! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

So I'm in Boston...sleeplessness has overcome me and I just want my man! It's 6:28 am here (4:28 utah time) but I've been up for about an hour and a half. I've had an awesome trip so far. I'm pooped from walking everywhere yesterday. I arrived here at 4:25 pm on Wednesday night, (got ripped off by the cab driver), met uP with my family at the hotel, then headed to Union Oyster House. It was Austin's 17th birthday and im so lucky to have spent it with him! it's the oldest restaurant in the U.S. K I'm trying to blog on my iPhone and it's tough! Sry if it's disjointed at all! K anyway, we (parents, lil' bro and his friend Chandler) got to the place and my two bestest friends showed up!! Courtney and Leanne! Before you think it was a surprise or coincidence, we had been communicating for awhile to meet up :) What are the chances of having my two best childhood friends living in the same city at the same time??? Just awesome. So that was Wednesday night.

Thursday we first met up with Leanne...

One of my best friends in the whole world is a senior at MIT (she's in their aerospace technology program...the girl builds satellites people!) I was pretty astonished as she gave us a tour of the whole campus. Not to mention it was her birthday yesterday too! I've best friends with her since 3rd grade (while living in Texas); who stays close for that long? Not too many people.
We had a yummy lunch just off of campus and said bye to Leanne; she obviously had a lot to do, like build a rocket. So naturally after MIT we headed to harvard's camPus just to check out legally blonde's movie set(oh and look at the gorgeous campus too) seriously Cambridge is solo beautiful! I am in love with boston. We then hopped back on the tsubway and went somewhere that I don't remember and walked around for bit just enjoying the gorgeous weather. People were out and about and sPring was in the air. Today is supposed to be ten degrees cooler but even then it's warmer than p-town. We got on tO the old Towne trolley and took antour. I had a blast hearing the guide's interpretation of Boston's history. Mark would love everything about Boston, especially the food. After that tour, we headed back to the hotel and I was ready for a nap! We went back into the town shortly after that to check out the finish line of the marathon. My cute mom is so nervous bout it! We keep reassuring her that shell do great. Now I know where I get my anxious dreams from; she gets them too! The finish line is in front of a church..forgot the name of course. After checking that out, we headed to Newberry street, boston's shopping Mecca. no I didn't buy anything because I had to pee the whole time and a girl can't try things on with a full bladder! And everything in Boston closes early! I'm talkin 8 or 9 pm! Leanne explained that Boston still has it's strong Puritan traditions and so shops close up at decent hours. Bars even close by 2!! (my dad was so funny when Courtney made a big deal about it. He had tO ask her twice if she meant 2 am or pm?? Hah. Leanne then went on about some of boston's awesome laws, like no alcohol in women's quarters because if there are More than three women and they have alcohol then naturally it's a brothel! I am so intrigued by that. Okay that was a huge tangent; back to newberry. We ate at The Cafeteria. Don't be deceived by the name. It was delicious!! I went the not-so-healthy route and got a grilled cheese with tomato soup. Worth it? Oh yes. Courtney was able to meet up with us..which I love because the girl can talk and she's been missed for the past year and a half(we hadn't seen her since my wedding). My parents and the teens left to get dessert and court I hung out for an hour or so, realized shE got a stupid 40$ parking ticket, and she took me back to the hotel. I got to experience a city driver and sweet parallel parking skills. I'd get destroyed trying to parallel park!! So that's been my journey so far! I'm so blessed to be here. The only thing that would make it better is mark. I will have to fill in the gaps later and insert pics.Until later... Xoxo

Friday, April 8, 2011

I guess I should have been embarrassed...

Yesterday in my American Humanities class, I walked in an hour late, but jumped right into the discussion that was going on about the term "anti-spectacles." Definition:

"disruptive public "happenings" that interrupt the regular flow of entertainment or news, potentially shocking viewers out of their comfortable complacency."

The slide that he had up contained this image:
 This happened at one of Bob Dylan's shows I guess...don't ask about the "Soy Bomb" writing...that's another story....

He asked if anyone had a good story of either participating in an anti-spectacle or observing an anti-spectacle. I immediately raised my hand and got so excited to tell the class that:

Me: "No, I had never participated in one, BUT, there's this video on YouTube called the Sexy Sax player and it's this guy interrupting stores and malls filled with people and a band performance as he plays a song over and over again...has anyone seen this?! Please tell me you have!"

*grasshopper's chirping (or whatever they do)*[complete silence........]

Professor Soper: "well uhh....I'm a little nervous to put that title into a YouTube search...."

Me: "It's on my Facebook!"

Professor Soper: "Well, I don't want to look up your Facebook right now (*pity/nervous smile and laugh*)"

Me again: "Come on!! Someone has to have seen this music know, he plays that famous song Duhhh duh duh duh...duuhhhh duh duh duh...duhh duh duh duh duuhhhhh duh duh duh .... duh duh duh duh duh.......anyway, yeah it's hilarious, you should all see it."

I didn't feel dumb at all, but apparently I should have when my friend Janice came up to me after class and said something to the effect of:

"Oh Amy, I felt SOOO bad for you that no one had seen that video. When you started singing the song, I wanted to save you sooo badly!"

Hmm. That's funny to me! Maybe I'm just so complacent about being a married, senioritis-infected woman at BYU that I just don't give a darn. I like it!

And now for all of you to get a WONDERFUL lesson on what an "anti-spectacle" is...please view this video that SHOULD HAVE been in the lesson yesterday...

Doesn't he look almost EXACTLY like the Soy Bomb man?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Here's the scoop about this Brazil trip:

So my in-laws (Mark's dad and step-mom Shelly) have this great tradition of taking the Freeman boys to their missions after they get married/graduate from college. I'm not sure which exactly because so far all of them (3) have managed to get married before they graduate :) Lucky for me, spouses are also included in these over-the-top trips. Mark's oldest brother Josh served in Argentina and his other brother Erik served in Switzerland. I have heard more stories from those trips than anything else so it gets me extra excited for ours. It's a good thing that none of them got called to South Dakota! That would be a short trip :) Mark's younger brother served in Chile, and now he just needs to get hitched! For the record, I didn't know about this before Mark and I got engaged. This had no influence over my decision to marry him! Just kidding!

We're flying into Rio de Janeiro July 7 and leaving July16. Because I'm supposedly a Geography guru (that's what I'm going to teach someday), here's a playful map of where we'll be going.

First, we're flying into Rio (shown with the Christus on the south end). Then, we're going to get on a plane and go to Fortaleza and see where Mark served (and sweat) for two years on his mission. It's on the north eastern corner. He was right on the outskirts of the Rainforrest! Amazing! We're just trying to decide now if we want to take extra time to either go on a cruise down the Amazon or fly south and see Iguacu Falls, another wonder of the world. You need a month to see these places! How in the world are we going to decide? It's like trying to choose between a chocolate cake or a brownie. Both are amazing and you can't go wrong. We may just skip the rainforrest and falls so we can really see Rio and Fortaleza. I'll let you know when it's decided. Luckily we're going during their "winter" (please don't picture Utah's version of winter, it's quite different!) so the heat won't be too excruciating. The humidity however....ohh boy!!

Check out this hotel that we're staying in the first couple of days! We're right on Copacabana beach, which is just around the corner from the "most beautiful and desired beach in the world" (WARNING: do not Google this [Copacabana beach] unless you want to see naked people, which I really hope and pray you don't. Yeah..that's awkward on a BYU computer!!). I forgot what the name is of that other fancy beach. Anyway, I really hope there aren't too many bare bums and breasts on this trip! I'll have the blindfold ready! After all, Brazil is pretty nuts from what I hear. Poor missionaries! Thank goodness they stay far away from the beaches.
I can't wait to see one of the 7 wonders of the world! Seriously, how cool is that?!

Beautiful! Hopefully the next picture I put up of this is with me in front of it :) I'm glad I have my Latin American Studies major hunk-of-a-husband who can give us a tour and background information. I have found that trips to exotic (or not-so-exotic) destinations are a lot less valuable and memorable when you don't know the history of it (thank you Spain Study Abroad 2008!). I'll be working on that! The language?? Oh geez. Yeah, we'll see about that.

happy > grumpy

I am so grumpy right now. Everything (and everyone but Mark) is bothering me; I even said my personal prayer before I got out of bed this morning (yeah, that's hard for me to do sometimes--no one's perfect, right?), so who knows what my deal is. Because of this bad attitude, I'm going to do what every young woman leader has taught me to do and list what I'm grateful for!
  • My sexy, hot, hairy, fun, loving, selfless, goofy husband. I didn't get home until 12:45 last night from Michelle Roberts' birthday bash and boy...I missed him!!! As soon as I came through the door, I ran to him and gave him a big bear hug and told him about my night. He was so cute as expressed how happy he was that I got to see my friends! I got ready for bed, hopped in, and we cuddled all night. It was definitely a *butterflies-in-my-stomach* moment.
  • Friends. Last night I got to see some girl friends that I hadn't seen in awhile, namely Michelle (Davis-Roberts), Mio (don't need to put her last name here, haha), the new Mrs. Jen Graham (formerly Draper), and the new Mrs. Kaylee Heinz. We played Catch Phrase. I forgot how much I love that game! I even got to have chocolate fondue.......yummy! Thanks for having a birthday Michelle! It was a great excuse to get together.
  • The gym. My good friend Charlotte called me on Monday to go to a kickboxing class and so-called "rescued" me (she picked me up) from watching TV the rest of the afternoon!!!! I'm such a lazy bum lately when I'm not working at school!!!! Char, me, and Julianne had a fun time at Zumba on Friday too.....*call me Jules, I wanna see you move again! ;)
  • Chocolate and butter. Wow, I have had awful withdrawals from these two food items lately (haven't had time/a car to go grocery shopping...but I wish I could say I was trying a new health-kick!). Remember that post on me being a chocoholic?? It's real people. Very real! A couple of days ago I couldn't think until I had some kind of chocolate in me. What is a girl to do when she is stuck at home with no car and doesn't have any butter or chocolate chips?? SUFFER! I even looked up "butter-less cookies." Yeah, uh, I didn't lower myself to that level.  
  • Softball. K are you ready for this?! Mark and I joined a softball rec. team. Oh my gosh, it is so funny. Can you imagine me playing a sport with a ball?! We went out and practiced for a couple of hours between Conference on Saturday-- I'm going to have to post a picture of the awesome bruise I have on my forearm from missing a ball with my glove and stopping it with my forearm instead. We're on it with a bunch of couples in our ward. Games start next Friday, every Friday from then until the end of June.
  • BYU devotionals. I listened to the last BYU devotional of my college career yesterday! It was really great to hear this guy (forgot the name) speak about BYU-TV and how technology is helping us in our efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the earth. He quoted a few apostles from the recent General Conference, like Elder Nelson and M. Russell Ballard. I wish I would have written down all the scripture references he used, but it was awesome to see how BYU and the LDS church in particular have stayed up with technology, and to realize how unbelievable it must have sounded to those few saints in New York when Joseph Smith prophesied that His (Christ's) word would be proclaimed across the corners of the world. Soo cool!! I wish I would have gone to more of the devotionals while in college. 
  • Conference, of course. What a cool weekend of getting advice and counsel from these amazing men and women! I can't wait to study the Ensign when they come out. It's easier for me to pay attention when the words are in front of me. I thought it was fun to see that the main theme for Saturday's conference was on parenting and how parents have a major responsibility to make our homes sanctuaries and places of learning and righteousness for our children. The expectations are high! But the counsel was awesome. Sunday seemed to be more on marriage (for those slackers out there) and service. Parenting and service. Hmm...those go hand in hand completely! My parents are great examples of serving me and my siblings. They probably do too much!! Of course they don't think so. 
Okay I'm feeling much better. I have FOUR MORE DAYS LEFT of classes, I'm flying to Boston in a week, I only have 3 finals, I'm going with a good friend through the temple for her first time; me, Mark, and his dad & stepmom are going to Rio de Janeiro and to his mission in Fortaleza, Brazil for 9 days in July; trips to San Francisco (I've never been), Newport Beach, and Island Park all this summer. There is a lot to look forward to! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ayudame! (Help me!)

I really want a cute blog title! But i don't know how to do it :( Anyone who can explain to me what the best way to make a cute title is will be my new best buddy! :)