Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boston hellos and Provo goodbyes

Us girls (Courtney, me, Mom, Leanne) under The Union Oyster House restaurant (THE oldest restaurant in the U.S.) It was pretty good, but I liked the atmosphere best.
This was the last time that I saw either of them!

Leaving the Bunker Hill Memorial on the Freedom Trail. We climbed the stairs up to the top and were SO SORE afterward.

The church where Paul Revere lit the lantern to warn the city of the British.

Cemetary with Can you tell I forced him into this picture with me? Little punk.

I'm so reverent in church...

Paul Revere statue

At the Boston convention center taking part in all the awesome marathon festivities

Right after she finished! It was such an inspiring environment. It totally makes me excited to get running again!

My cute dad and his Boston beanie. We're not tourists at all! He ran the last five miles or so with her. I'm so proud of my mama!
Saying goodbye to Megan Morgan at her baby shower--she moved to Hawaii! Did any of you notice how it has been DUMPING snow today? She left just in time! We're going to miss her and her husband Matt LOTS.

Saying goodbye to Erica! She's in Jerusalem for the summer. This is the girl that I was a cry baby about (previous post...!) She also left a certain guy named Robbie Larson who will also miss her dearly...
They went to Florida to meet his family last weekend. She totally fits in! 

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  1. Well we ALREADY miss you guys!

    Also your momma inspires me. I think we should plan on running a marathon together... in like a year :)