Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cry baby

Yesterday I was a total mess! Let me back up. On Thursday night, Mark was struck with the flu. We went to the doctor on Friday to find that it's just a virus and it had to run its course. I felt so badly for him! He was just lying on the doctor's table miserable from head to toe (mucus-y cough, aches, pains, galore). Well guess who got it the next day? Yours truly! Not fun. Laying down all darn day is not fun AT ALL. But I am almost done with the first season of Glee (probably not something to be proud of...)

Here I am, in my robe sitting on the couch. I haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm feeling quite awful. Mark is back to himself besides the occasional hack here and there. I need to eat but nothing sounds good. This is a problem.

Okay back to the "total mess" that I was in yesterday. For FHE we had a wonderful lesson on the "He is not here, but is risen" article in the Ensign. It was a wonderful discussion and spiritual moment, until I had to ruin it. I started BAWLING (or "wailing lustily" as dictionary.com puts it) thinking about my sister Erica leaving to Jerusalem on Wednesday. I'm going to miss her so much! I'm sad because she's an awful communicator and maybe I'm just really pessimistic but I'm pretty sure she won't write me at all. I still give her a hard time for not keeping in touch with me when I was on MY study abroad in Spain three years ago. I heard from her TWICE in THREE MONTHS! Yeah, that's not cool. So as we're talking about the Savior and having Christ-like attributes, for some reason I start ranting about Erica leaving and it was a tailspin from there on out. How does that connect??

I'm a cry baby!

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  1. Amy! I love this because I can totally relate!!! You are too funny and I'm glad you break out into tears over the most random things too!! Love your blog!