Friday, April 8, 2011

I guess I should have been embarrassed...

Yesterday in my American Humanities class, I walked in an hour late, but jumped right into the discussion that was going on about the term "anti-spectacles." Definition:

"disruptive public "happenings" that interrupt the regular flow of entertainment or news, potentially shocking viewers out of their comfortable complacency."

The slide that he had up contained this image:
 This happened at one of Bob Dylan's shows I guess...don't ask about the "Soy Bomb" writing...that's another story....

He asked if anyone had a good story of either participating in an anti-spectacle or observing an anti-spectacle. I immediately raised my hand and got so excited to tell the class that:

Me: "No, I had never participated in one, BUT, there's this video on YouTube called the Sexy Sax player and it's this guy interrupting stores and malls filled with people and a band performance as he plays a song over and over again...has anyone seen this?! Please tell me you have!"

*grasshopper's chirping (or whatever they do)*[complete silence........]

Professor Soper: "well uhh....I'm a little nervous to put that title into a YouTube search...."

Me: "It's on my Facebook!"

Professor Soper: "Well, I don't want to look up your Facebook right now (*pity/nervous smile and laugh*)"

Me again: "Come on!! Someone has to have seen this music know, he plays that famous song Duhhh duh duh duh...duuhhhh duh duh duh...duhh duh duh duh duuhhhhh duh duh duh .... duh duh duh duh duh.......anyway, yeah it's hilarious, you should all see it."

I didn't feel dumb at all, but apparently I should have when my friend Janice came up to me after class and said something to the effect of:

"Oh Amy, I felt SOOO bad for you that no one had seen that video. When you started singing the song, I wanted to save you sooo badly!"

Hmm. That's funny to me! Maybe I'm just so complacent about being a married, senioritis-infected woman at BYU that I just don't give a darn. I like it!

And now for all of you to get a WONDERFUL lesson on what an "anti-spectacle" is...please view this video that SHOULD HAVE been in the lesson yesterday...

Doesn't he look almost EXACTLY like the Soy Bomb man?!


  1. I watched this just a couple weeks ago! Hilarious. Too bad I wasn't in your class, although I don't think there was much to 'save' you from; they're the ones not keeping up on anti-spectacles. Psh.

  2. Haha this is so awesome!!! When you said you started singing it in the class, I could totally picture you haha. NOTHING to be embarrassed about, the ones who get embarrassed are the ones that care too much about dumb stuff haha the only thing that would've made it better was if you had stood up and started acting like the sexy sax man, you know, pretending to play the sax while dancing. Classic.

  3. HAHA! AMY! I love you! That is totally something that I would have done! Now just send it in an email to your teacher so he'll watch it. I would have pretended I knew what you were talking about if I were there ;)