Friday, April 15, 2011

So I'm in Boston...sleeplessness has overcome me and I just want my man! It's 6:28 am here (4:28 utah time) but I've been up for about an hour and a half. I've had an awesome trip so far. I'm pooped from walking everywhere yesterday. I arrived here at 4:25 pm on Wednesday night, (got ripped off by the cab driver), met uP with my family at the hotel, then headed to Union Oyster House. It was Austin's 17th birthday and im so lucky to have spent it with him! it's the oldest restaurant in the U.S. K I'm trying to blog on my iPhone and it's tough! Sry if it's disjointed at all! K anyway, we (parents, lil' bro and his friend Chandler) got to the place and my two bestest friends showed up!! Courtney and Leanne! Before you think it was a surprise or coincidence, we had been communicating for awhile to meet up :) What are the chances of having my two best childhood friends living in the same city at the same time??? Just awesome. So that was Wednesday night.

Thursday we first met up with Leanne...

One of my best friends in the whole world is a senior at MIT (she's in their aerospace technology program...the girl builds satellites people!) I was pretty astonished as she gave us a tour of the whole campus. Not to mention it was her birthday yesterday too! I've best friends with her since 3rd grade (while living in Texas); who stays close for that long? Not too many people.
We had a yummy lunch just off of campus and said bye to Leanne; she obviously had a lot to do, like build a rocket. So naturally after MIT we headed to harvard's camPus just to check out legally blonde's movie set(oh and look at the gorgeous campus too) seriously Cambridge is solo beautiful! I am in love with boston. We then hopped back on the tsubway and went somewhere that I don't remember and walked around for bit just enjoying the gorgeous weather. People were out and about and sPring was in the air. Today is supposed to be ten degrees cooler but even then it's warmer than p-town. We got on tO the old Towne trolley and took antour. I had a blast hearing the guide's interpretation of Boston's history. Mark would love everything about Boston, especially the food. After that tour, we headed back to the hotel and I was ready for a nap! We went back into the town shortly after that to check out the finish line of the marathon. My cute mom is so nervous bout it! We keep reassuring her that shell do great. Now I know where I get my anxious dreams from; she gets them too! The finish line is in front of a church..forgot the name of course. After checking that out, we headed to Newberry street, boston's shopping Mecca. no I didn't buy anything because I had to pee the whole time and a girl can't try things on with a full bladder! And everything in Boston closes early! I'm talkin 8 or 9 pm! Leanne explained that Boston still has it's strong Puritan traditions and so shops close up at decent hours. Bars even close by 2!! (my dad was so funny when Courtney made a big deal about it. He had tO ask her twice if she meant 2 am or pm?? Hah. Leanne then went on about some of boston's awesome laws, like no alcohol in women's quarters because if there are More than three women and they have alcohol then naturally it's a brothel! I am so intrigued by that. Okay that was a huge tangent; back to newberry. We ate at The Cafeteria. Don't be deceived by the name. It was delicious!! I went the not-so-healthy route and got a grilled cheese with tomato soup. Worth it? Oh yes. Courtney was able to meet up with us..which I love because the girl can talk and she's been missed for the past year and a half(we hadn't seen her since my wedding). My parents and the teens left to get dessert and court I hung out for an hour or so, realized shE got a stupid 40$ parking ticket, and she took me back to the hotel. I got to experience a city driver and sweet parallel parking skills. I'd get destroyed trying to parallel park!! So that's been my journey so far! I'm so blessed to be here. The only thing that would make it better is mark. I will have to fill in the gaps later and insert pics.Until later... Xoxo

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