Sunday, May 29, 2011


I hit my 11 week mark on Friday. This is a problem, because it looks like I should be at week 16 or 17. And this is a recent development! It looks like suddenly my baby was like "hmm...I'm feelin' a little stuffed in here. Let's make some room in here..." *PoP* goes my tummy. Poor guy...(and mommy) lanky, solid FIVE FEET frame, with about NINE INCHES of torso means that it'll probably be a little cramped for the next 6 months.

But real talk. Did you know that in weeks 11-13 the baby doubles in size? (I'm pretty sure that's what I read the other day...) How crazy!

I love him/her so so so so much. And I'm especially happy that now I'm starting to feel much better. Haven't thrown up since Thursday (TMI? Get used to it! :)

*Pregnant belly picture coming soon, I know you're all DYING to see my chub

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seriously?? I passed??

There's this test that all teachers have to take and pass in order to get a job. It's called the Praxis exam, and I took mine during my 7th week of being pregnant. I was feeling really really sick that morning. I was not only pregnancy sick, but had a virus as well. ANYWAY, I went in to take this test (I was tested on World History, U.S. History, Behavioral Sciences, Economics, and Geography) having not studied and went in with extremely low expectations. And I thought I was going to barf during the last half. It was miserable! 

But I passed! Yay! K this really isn't a big deal because I guess the passing rate is pretty high, but I was literally SHOCKED when I saw that I did well (especially after talking to the chick in front of me about her taking it 3 times without passing). It really is such a relief because there's not really any effective way to study for all of those subjects and it's an expensive test. My BYU education has not failed me! And Heavenly Father definitely has a hand in this little life of mine.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Talk for Sacrament Meeting

So tired. Just finished writing a talk for Sacrament meeting tomorrow. The topic? The Priesthood. Whoo hoo! Of course this ward that I have been in for almost 2 years waits until I'm pregnant to ask me to speak when I already have issues with crying when I get up to the podium. At least the topic isn't "Eternal Families" or "Babies" or "Wonderful Spouses."

I'd be a real mess of all sorts of gooshiness about my bebe.

Seriously though, I didn't mention much at all about touchy-feely things, because I would totally SPEW.

Goodnight all my beauties who read my blog! I love you all so much!
(And you're all right, I guess my hair isn't THAT terrible. But I'll provide a hot hair pic. probably tomorrow. I was a bit dramatic. But I'm still getting it fixed Monday morning :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Took a risk, and lost!

I'm sure all of you have heard of a little company called Groupon. A few months ago, a coupon came up for $45 worth of treatments at the Aveda Institute here in Provo for $20. "Sure," I thought, "I'll use that!" The Groupon was bought, with the expiration date on May 19th. Well, a day came about a month ago (soon after finding out the news of my bebe) that I was itching for a good trim. I remembered this Groupon and walked into Aveda hoping to use it.

Of course there's a catch with this Groupon. You have to use ALL of it in one visit. A haircut is only $10 or $15. I decided I needed a trim right away and could use the Groupon later to get some color or something. Of course Aveda has a "special" for first-timers: If you buy any Aveda product, your haircut is free, AND you get a gift certificate for whatever amount you spend on product. "Sure," I thought, "I'll splurge this once and get some product and then I can add that amount to the $45 Groupon since I have a bum load of hair (which is more expensive...)"

So then guess how much I ended up getting on hair product? FORTY FIVE DOLLARS! That's 90 dollars for services at Aveda (for 65 dollars, but still...). Okay so that's just the background.

I made an appointment ON May 19th (yesterday) so that I could hurry and use the Groupon. Guess how much I ended up using? JUST the Groupon. No, I did NOT need that extra product. And guess what?

THE CHICK RUINED MY HAIR!!! The terrifying thing? She's "graduating" in a couple of months...beware! (I thought I was safe with her because of this fact.)

I thought, "It's eventually going to get warm and I want some nice blonde-age in my hair for fun." Yeah, well this chick not only ripped my hair out with her awful hair-washing and brushing skills, but she nearly BALDED me in the back of my head. It's thinned so much that it feels like a bird's nest back there. If I see any of you, I'll have you feel it. Oh, and she left the dye stuff in my hair a bit  too long--I have PLATINUM BLONDE highlights on the top. It's horrifying.

I'm never buying a Groupon again. I've wasted so much money. This is the risk that one takes when going to a hair school.

Monday, May 16, 2011

How do I put this?

I witnessed a beautiful miracle today! My appointment went extremely well, and I went through every emotion in the book. We got to see our little baby today and hear the heartbeat. It was amazing! I couldn't stop giggling and the ultra sound technician had to ask me to hold in my laughter so that she could zone in on the heart beat. Our little guy/gal was just too stinkin' cute!!!!  and BIG ( 1.1 inches instead of .9 inch)! So, they moved my due date to December 16th for now.

I don't understand how anyone could not believe that there is a God. It was such a special and spiritual experience. It becomes more real once you hear the heart beat and see the ultrasound, and I just keep saying quick prayers of gratitude in my heart for being able to go through this! I couldn't help but cry of course, and I can't wait to see my little guy(?) again! I walked out of that place on top of the world!

When we got to the BYU Health Center to get my lab work done, I was still smiling and admiring our cute little picture of the ultra-sound and told Mark, "You need to get my picture! This is the FIRST TIME that I have EVER SMILED while walking into the dreaded lab!" I'm proud to announce that I did not bawl my head off and I actually laughed through the whole thing because of how ridiculous I am. It doesn't even hurt, so why did I ever panic before?? It's all mental people--all mental. Plus, I had Mark there laughing at me and the phlebotomist was absolutely insane and told me about how she had once gotten run over by a car..... she was crazy! It was a really funny experience and I would do it again tomorrow if I had to! I knew that having a baby would make me stronger!!!!!

I'm already such a proud mama! I've shown the picture to everyone I've seen since the appointment, plus texted it to who knows how many people. All I want is a big, healthy, chunker baby. I mean CHUNK. And let me tell you ladies (since most of you are..), my husband was born in Plano, Texas weighing in at ....11 pounds, 1 ounce.
You see that, right? I mean, I am not as tall as his mama, so I shouldn't get a baby that big. But this is just fair warning for all of you if you see me out somewhere and it looks like I'm carrying multiples :)

Something cute: When Mark got home from work tonight, he was so cute! He came up to me and sweetly said, "Want to know something? I was actually a little disappointed...not disappointed, but bummed, that there was just one. I wanted to have more than one!" He went on to say that he's SO excited to be a daddy and can't wait for more. I frequenly tell him, "Well honey, make a lot of money and I'll keep havin' them!"

More fun to come! And I'll try to put up the picture. Stay tuned! :)

A certain someone....

...will be joining the Freeman/Clark Family this year! 


That's right kids, we're pregnant! As of now, my due date is December 19th...pretty much the day that I graduate from college. Talk about timing! (If all goes well, that is.) I've been churning about how to announce it on my blog, and if you haven't noticed, I have been quite absent from my blog the past month or so.
I'm really bad at keeping things (that are happy and positive) in my life a secret, so all of my family and many friends knew quickly after we found out the news on April 12th. Remember my Boston trip? I found out the day before I left! Which was also my last day of college classes ever, which made it even that much more memorable. We are so grateful and happy!

My first appointment is in exactly 4 hours and I'm really excited! I know that I'm thrilled for a baby because I'm not too terrified about getting 7 viles of blood taken out of me today! ...Which is a miracle for those of you who know me. Freak, I'm the girl who passed out while reading Twilight when Bella passes out after getting her blood type in Biology class (true story...).
I'll let you know how it goes. Pray that everything goes smoothly! I'm 9 weeks along, and it's very evident that there is a baby, or grape-sized fetus, in there. I feel lucky though, because I've had many more friends and family members who were throwing up nearly every meal. I'm about every other day, but it's very inconsistent!

I'll keep you all posted, because I've been DYING to share all of my funny pregnancy stories. There will be many more to come! I'll write later about my appointment.
Pray for me! :) 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Love

This morning I woke up to the aroma of French toast, Banana's foster, and fresh whipped cream. It was beyond euphoric. With Unisom still in my system from last night, I literally stumbled into the kitchen where I found my cute man in his garments cooking up a storm for me. The table was set, and my very own "It's your special day" plate was where I normally sit, with a cute "Mom-to-be" card on my plate.

I wish I would have taken a picture! It was so darn sweet. He gave me chocolate covered nuts and a vacation this summer anywhere I want for 5 days. Spoiled?! Yes!

I can't help but think of my own mommy today and how wonderful she is. *Not in any particular order*
She taught me how to be a good wife.
She is the second person on my speed dial--can't help but talk to her every day!
She always serves me with a smile.
I don't deserve her selfless love towards me! 
When I'm having a bad day, she knows exactly what I need to make it better.
She's always up for a good shopping trip.
The love between her and my daddy is such a special gift to us kids.
She's the best example of being extremely competitive, yet loving and understanding at the same time.
She sets her own goals, and accomplishes them.
She spoils me rotten, and doesn't expect a thing in return.
She's so resilient--anything tough in life is just another stepping stone for her and she moves on.
She doesn't get offended, but can be a spit-fire when needed.
If I need anything, she sacrifices her own time and agenda to help and doesn't complain.
She's hilarious!!!!!!!!! It's never boring around Dodie :)
She can feed an army! She busts out huge meals for all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents with the drop of a hat!
She's very easily satisfied and low maintenance--makes for a happy husband!
I love that she loves to drive big cars--Texas culture is embedded in her forever!
I love that she wears stylish TOMS (and other cute, trendy clothes); no one ever believes that she's a grandma!
She's beautiful!! My dad compliments her all the time on what a fox she is--and it's true!
She's an awesome nurse and loves her job.
She balances home and work so perfectly.

I could go on! 
I love you mom!