Sunday, May 29, 2011


I hit my 11 week mark on Friday. This is a problem, because it looks like I should be at week 16 or 17. And this is a recent development! It looks like suddenly my baby was like "hmm...I'm feelin' a little stuffed in here. Let's make some room in here..." *PoP* goes my tummy. Poor guy...(and mommy) lanky, solid FIVE FEET frame, with about NINE INCHES of torso means that it'll probably be a little cramped for the next 6 months.

But real talk. Did you know that in weeks 11-13 the baby doubles in size? (I'm pretty sure that's what I read the other day...) How crazy!

I love him/her so so so so much. And I'm especially happy that now I'm starting to feel much better. Haven't thrown up since Thursday (TMI? Get used to it! :)

*Pregnant belly picture coming soon, I know you're all DYING to see my chub


  1. Pictures! Pictures! I need pictures!!! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. You are right on the money about pictures! I want to see so much! Every post I just smile the whole time I read it because I'm so excited for you!