Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seriously?? I passed??

There's this test that all teachers have to take and pass in order to get a job. It's called the Praxis exam, and I took mine during my 7th week of being pregnant. I was feeling really really sick that morning. I was not only pregnancy sick, but had a virus as well. ANYWAY, I went in to take this test (I was tested on World History, U.S. History, Behavioral Sciences, Economics, and Geography) having not studied and went in with extremely low expectations. And I thought I was going to barf during the last half. It was miserable! 

But I passed! Yay! K this really isn't a big deal because I guess the passing rate is pretty high, but I was literally SHOCKED when I saw that I did well (especially after talking to the chick in front of me about her taking it 3 times without passing). It really is such a relief because there's not really any effective way to study for all of those subjects and it's an expensive test. My BYU education has not failed me! And Heavenly Father definitely has a hand in this little life of mine.


  1. yay yay yay! Congratulations! what a great feeling. And I am so happy for you guys and your new addition! You will have one beautiful baby!

  2. Way to go! Of course you would do well! :)
    Thanks for your comment the other day - isn't blog love so fun to get! :)
    PS. SO excited for you guys and your little one in your tummy :)