Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Talk for Sacrament Meeting

So tired. Just finished writing a talk for Sacrament meeting tomorrow. The topic? The Priesthood. Whoo hoo! Of course this ward that I have been in for almost 2 years waits until I'm pregnant to ask me to speak when I already have issues with crying when I get up to the podium. At least the topic isn't "Eternal Families" or "Babies" or "Wonderful Spouses."

I'd be a real mess of all sorts of gooshiness about my bebe.

Seriously though, I didn't mention much at all about touchy-feely things, because I would totally SPEW.

Goodnight all my beauties who read my blog! I love you all so much!
(And you're all right, I guess my hair isn't THAT terrible. But I'll provide a hot hair pic. probably tomorrow. I was a bit dramatic. But I'm still getting it fixed Monday morning :)

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