Friday, May 20, 2011

Took a risk, and lost!

I'm sure all of you have heard of a little company called Groupon. A few months ago, a coupon came up for $45 worth of treatments at the Aveda Institute here in Provo for $20. "Sure," I thought, "I'll use that!" The Groupon was bought, with the expiration date on May 19th. Well, a day came about a month ago (soon after finding out the news of my bebe) that I was itching for a good trim. I remembered this Groupon and walked into Aveda hoping to use it.

Of course there's a catch with this Groupon. You have to use ALL of it in one visit. A haircut is only $10 or $15. I decided I needed a trim right away and could use the Groupon later to get some color or something. Of course Aveda has a "special" for first-timers: If you buy any Aveda product, your haircut is free, AND you get a gift certificate for whatever amount you spend on product. "Sure," I thought, "I'll splurge this once and get some product and then I can add that amount to the $45 Groupon since I have a bum load of hair (which is more expensive...)"

So then guess how much I ended up getting on hair product? FORTY FIVE DOLLARS! That's 90 dollars for services at Aveda (for 65 dollars, but still...). Okay so that's just the background.

I made an appointment ON May 19th (yesterday) so that I could hurry and use the Groupon. Guess how much I ended up using? JUST the Groupon. No, I did NOT need that extra product. And guess what?

THE CHICK RUINED MY HAIR!!! The terrifying thing? She's "graduating" in a couple of months...beware! (I thought I was safe with her because of this fact.)

I thought, "It's eventually going to get warm and I want some nice blonde-age in my hair for fun." Yeah, well this chick not only ripped my hair out with her awful hair-washing and brushing skills, but she nearly BALDED me in the back of my head. It's thinned so much that it feels like a bird's nest back there. If I see any of you, I'll have you feel it. Oh, and she left the dye stuff in my hair a bit  too long--I have PLATINUM BLONDE highlights on the top. It's horrifying.

I'm never buying a Groupon again. I've wasted so much money. This is the risk that one takes when going to a hair school.


  1. Oh Sad!!! Ha ha I gues everyone has to have a horrible beauty school experience. So sorry! You should have come over to me!:) I would have loved to do your hair! And I would NOT have messed it up!! Oh well! It'll grow back and you can try again! Not there though! :)

  2. Haha okay I find it really hard to believe it's THAT terrible!! Kind of dying to do something fun to my hair, but don't know what? I want to see pics! :) Also. I miss you.

  3. oh ames! that's aweful. I'm sure it's not as bad as you say :) but i'd love to feel your rat's nest...just for fun...

  4. You poor thing! I thought Aveda was supposed to be good! I've thought about going to the one by us before, but maybe now I will be a little more cautious. I hope you are all doing well! I feel like it's been too long since we last saw you!

  5. UGH there's nothing worse than having thick hair and the hair lady THINS THE CRAP OUT OF IT! because it takes FOREVER to grow back! that made me so annoyed. i bet you still look beautiful though!

  6. i would only recommend going to a beauty school (don't let the fancy name fool you) for a perm if you're an old stingy lady who wants poodle hair without paying too much for it. Seriously, these girls are still learning & hair is difficult, there is a reason why it takes over a year to acquire a license. You here everyone having a hair horror story & most of those were at Real salons with girls who should know what they are doing, but somehow didn't, so going to a school is an obvious no-no. lol im sorry your hair is ruined for awhile, wish i was there to fix it. but i wouldn't blame groupon, just the fine print & the good aveda sales chick for making you spend so much, ha.