Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burgers, Mohawks, and Idaho

This was my third year going to Island Park, Idaho with Mark's family. We always go up and take Mark's little (bigger) brother Ryan with us (ladies...he's single!) and we stop in Ashton, Idaho for Big Jud's burgers. They're the size of my butt. Okay, not both cheeks, probably just one, which is still pretty large. It's probably gross to compare the size of food to a bum, but it's the most accurate! We love this place ever since Big Jud's made its big debut on Man vs. Food. 

Check those babies out! I literally ate 4 bites and I was done with my 1/4. Ryan ate the rest of mine (on top of his whole burger). Since Mark and I started dating, he's been considered the "lightweight" in his family since losing 60 pounds or so. In fact, we just found some of his old swim trunks from a few years ago (when he was an offensive lineman at BYU...things have def. changed!). Did I mention that he's been training for the St. George marathon in October? Rawr.

He actually wore these when he was a tank! 300 pounds of muscle and girth.

Anyway, the burgers were amazing, and I just had to record our eating adventure.

The guys were pretty excited about their eating progress...

And I feel like I conquered those fries almost single-handedly (which is why I could only eat 4 bites of the burger)

Naturally, we had to compare bellies. My FAVORITE picture all trip. Laughed about this for days. He seriously looks like Goliath. Anyone agree?

Great belly, honey! 

Of course we couldn't go a lake trip without doing some fun hair-stylin'. Mark's been BEGGING me to buzz his head for MONTHS. I finally gave in, but only if....

....he did a mohawk :)

Resembles a troll?

Yes. haha I love him. It only added more attitude on that freezing lake. He did awesome surfing again this year. I was a little sad to pass that up, but I only have 5 more months of being pregnant then I can ride roller coasters, go tubing, eat sushi, and take Excedrin again :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I guess I wore blue today for a reason! We can't wait for a Mark Jr. to come into our lives. We saw him hiccupping during the ultrasound! It was pretty darn cute. I have always wanted to have a boy first, so I am just thrilled. Mark has been calling it "little guy" and "good boy" my whole pregnancy. How did he know?! I'd always correct him...."OR her..." "OR girl..." just in case. Well, good job honey, you have better intuition than his mother :) It feels so great to finally KNOW what the sex is.

You know what that means?.......


Good thing Mark gets paid this week ;)

Baby boy? or Baby girl?

We find out today! I'll post all about it later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My sad Ragnar story

So my mom and I were at her house making tutus for her Ragnar team, "Deliverin' Divas", when she got a text by a chick on the team saying she couldn't do it anymore. It was the day before the race, and my mom asked my sister in law if she would run, but she said she "wasn't in running shape" (but she's in every other good shape that you can think of!) So then my mom convinced me to do it if I did the easiest legs (4 miles, 4 miles, 4 miles). I got excited. I went to Runner's Corner and got me some nice shoes and packed my stuff.
Right before my first leg. "Baby here"---Cheryl Howard insisted :)

My mom's car. That's a pregnant dummy on the top. We named her Annie--So funny! Got quite a bit of attention driving that thing around. 

Our van. We were van 2. All these ladies are like hard core runners. I couldn't appologize enough for my slow pace...

and I'm off...

Finished the four miles in 38 minutes. It was really nice weather and I wasn't facing the sun= saved me. 

So then 3 a.m. rolls around (did not get a wink of sleep..it was freezing outside!) and it's about time for me to do my second leg of another 4 miles, but it would be uphill. I got my head lamp and reflective vest on and was ready to go. We got a call from Van 1 and they asked where we were...my mom said "we're here!! What stop are you at?" ...it turns out we went to the WRONG EXCHANGE POINT! Like, 20 miles away from the right one. How does that happen? The team in van 1 went ahead and ran my leg for me so that we wouldn't lose too much time. We think it was supposed to happen (divine intervention?) because of how crazy it was that none of us caught that.

Long story short, I didn't run my last leg either because our team as a whole had gone so much slower than we had predicted, and it was Mark's grandpa's 80th birthday celebration that night in a fancy reception center. I couldn't miss it for obvious reasons, but I was also scheduled to play my violin as well. I was exhausted!!!!  It's a little harder to make up pulling an all-nighter when you're pregnant, I discovered. 

Cheryl Howard, the cute blonde in the pic, ran her leg AND mine, totalling 10 miles ! She was an animal! I'm so grateful for her! 

I'd like to think that if I would have run all 12 miles that maybe something bad would have happened...then I don't feel like such a wuss :) I really wish I could have done the whole thing.

First belly picture

Exciting things are coming up this week!

  1. Island Park, Idaho family vacation! Boating, campfires, kayaking, reading, food, sleeping...sounds great to me! We're leaving Thursday, coming back either Sunday night or Monday morning in time for.....
  2. Finding out if we're having a boy or girl! I have an appointment at 1:30. Can I just say that my doctor rocks? It really helps having a mom who is a labor and delivery nurse who is loved by all doctors, especially mine! I just hope it's not too early to tell. I'll be 15 1/2 weeks along... so let's hope he/she isn't too shy! 
What are your guesses? Sorry, there are only 2 choices :) My "intuition" is....that it's either a boy or a girl, haha. I really have no feeling either way! I'm in a really good place right now mentally that I will be completely thrilled with either.

Here's a belly pic:
14 weeks and four days

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I cry every time

When this comes on, I'm a sobby woman! All the different bebes and music... ah! Pampers, you've nearly sold me! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bladder & Giggles

My bladder is going crazy. I'm convinced that this small small person inside of me is jumping up and down while at the same time tickling my insides. Yesterday was so funny! If I wasn't running to the bathroom to potty (I tried to put that as delicately as possible) a whoppin' Tablespoon every 15 minutes, then I was laughing...like, uncontrollably. 

Mark and I were up at his mom and stepdad's house in Alpine enjoying a delicious dinner and our talk about me being a loser playing right field on our softball team triggered me into a giggling frenzy. I literally could not stop laughing! Tears were streaming down my face. Don't you love times like that? Luckily I'm super duper comfortable around his family so it wasn't too embarrassing.

But seriously, I think the baby loved the steak, mashed potatoes, salad, and grapes that I consumed because he/she was having a hay day making mama go CrAzYyyyy! I'm actually shocked I didn't wet my pants.

Friday, June 10, 2011

13 weeks

Today is the day that the terrible first trimester is supposedly over. I hear all the time:

"Ohh! You're almost through the yucky part of being pregnant"
"You should be feeling A TON better soon"

Meh :(

I have indeed thrown up this week (every other day) and gagged through some smells and, of course, run to the toilet every time I stand up after sitting or laying down. So those things haven't changed much.


On the days that I feel good, I'm so excited because that means I can get my sweat on and run errands and maybe, just maybe, even clean the apartment. Although, at this point since I have been pretty consistent at feeling really nauseated every other day, I'm wondering if on the days that I'm feeling awesome that I over-do it just a bit. 
An example:
On Tuesday, I woke up, went to Zumba, ran on the tredmill after Zumba, and lifted my tri's and chest. I was pretty excited at this point.
I went up to my parents' house and read, swam, and laid out by the pool for a couple of hours in direct sunlight.
That must not have been enough for me to get my "wiggles" out, so I went on a walk around my parents' neighborhood with the dogs, about 1.5 miles, in Provo hill country basically. It was hot outside.
The results?
A Wednesday full of exhaustion, nausea, and throw up. Yeah....I think I get a little over zealous on these days that I'm feelin' like a rock star. I'm a little slow to catch on to these things, and so what did I do on Thursday? Basically the same thing, but the walk was a little shorter at the end of the day. 

 And honestly, it's 9:34 a.m. and it's one of those good-feelin' days. Maybe I'll tone it down a little at the gym and watch my water intake more closely. 

But even though Wednesday was a little tough, it ended up being such an awesome day when my mom texted me to come to the hospital (it was slow at that point) to get an ultrasound. It was absolutely the funnest thing to see my little baby do a dance across that screen! He/she has legs, fingers, toes, elbows, knees, a chin, spinal chord, eyes, and I even saw the heart beating! When I wanted him/her to move, I would flex my belly a little and watch him/her move. It was unreal. I got to do the ultrasound myself and take pictures, so obviously the pictures didn't turn out very awesome. Otherwise I'd post them on here. I just wish that Mark could have been there. I hope the hospital is slow every Wednesday when she works! Okay this has been long enough.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Running With Angels 5k

On Saturday, May 21st, Mark and I woke up bright and early (6:30) to head up to Thanksgiving Point and do the Running With Angels 5k. My Dad's cousin, Pam Hansen, is the woman behind this race. She has been doing it for the past 6 or so years, and my family has always participated to support her. Pam does this race each year to raise money for the NICU at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals. Many of you know that my mom is a labor and delivery nurse at Orem Community hospital, and my dad is the CEO of Orem Community, Utah Valley RMC, and American Fork hospitals. So needless to say, this is an important event that we love to support. Pam lost one of her twins when they were born about 20 years ago, and wrote a book about the healing that took place through running. Since I was about 10 weeks pregnant, I had a hard time not getting emotional as I watched families from all over come to support this cause because of losing their babies. I was choking back tears throughout the whole thing. 
On our way to Thanksgiving Point

Way to go Amy for waking up before 9:30 a.m.!!!!

There's a little fetus in there!

don't mind the white rolls :) I'd like to think that those are the remnants of my former 4 pack that I used to sport.

Good baby, don't make me sick please!

At the finish line before it started! 
 Thanksgiving Point is the BEST place to have a 5k! It's so gorgeous. I may or may not have stopped along the way to admire all the tulips and waterfalls :) Hey, I wasn't trying to win this race! I could tell that Mark wanted to take off, so I told him to go ahead. And what did I get for finishing?.........
ALL THE VITAMIN WATER I WANTED! I was a happy girl. And after the race, my dad took us to visit my mom at the American Fork hospital where she was called in to work that day. I was in HEAVEN looking at all the newborn babies through the glass. I can't believe we are going to have one of those in 6 months. I'm so excited to be a mommy and I will always come support those who have lost theirs in this race. All of you should too!

Arches National Park

Me, Mark, and our friends Janice and Casey Fehlberg all decided one weekend (3 weeks ago?) to go to Moab! Janice and I had never been, so we were excited. Plus, it was still yucky weather in Provo so we gladly went south :)

On our way down

The men making a fire pit.
 It was so crowded that weekend! We drove around for nearly an hour trying to find a spot to set up our tents.
Beautiful, colorful Janice
 We love the Fehlbergs because they get us to do adventurous things. Mark and I always think about doing adventurous things, but the Fehlbergs just go out and do it! That's why we all get along so well :)
The men gathered old rocks and bricks across the field to make a pit. Looks so professional!

How many layers am I wearing?? A little much? :)

ahh...the fire....Our tin foil dinners were DELISH

That headlamp makes you look extra dreamy.....

Rawr. Nice Casey!

We didn't get to bed til pretty late that night, and for my newly pregnant self, that was quite the feat. I woke up twice to go to the bathroom in the night, but I have no problem with squatting in nature :) As soon as the sun came up, it was HOT. I quickly stripped out of my layers to a tank top and shorts. Bring on the hike!
Packin' up! Beautiful morning.

Nice back side, honey!
Our little tent! We'd never used it before...quite cozy! 

You fit right in! This was the beginning of the hike to Delicate Arch.

Janice looks like an aerobics instructor. A sexy one. 

I just wanted to jump into a pool at this point. But the Arch is a lot bigger than I thought!

Their children will be petite and cute.

Ours will be large. And cute of course.

I didn't know there was a line to take pictures...I guess I cut in front of 10 people. Sorry!

Janice and Casey

Mark and me.

We had an awesome time. It was a quick trip--not even 24 hours. I was lucky enough to throw up just before we left, and just as we got home. Finally after living in Utah for nearly 10 years, I got to visit the place that is stamped on most Utah license plates.