Monday, June 13, 2011

Bladder & Giggles

My bladder is going crazy. I'm convinced that this small small person inside of me is jumping up and down while at the same time tickling my insides. Yesterday was so funny! If I wasn't running to the bathroom to potty (I tried to put that as delicately as possible) a whoppin' Tablespoon every 15 minutes, then I was, uncontrollably. 

Mark and I were up at his mom and stepdad's house in Alpine enjoying a delicious dinner and our talk about me being a loser playing right field on our softball team triggered me into a giggling frenzy. I literally could not stop laughing! Tears were streaming down my face. Don't you love times like that? Luckily I'm super duper comfortable around his family so it wasn't too embarrassing.

But seriously, I think the baby loved the steak, mashed potatoes, salad, and grapes that I consumed because he/she was having a hay day making mama go CrAzYyyyy! I'm actually shocked I didn't wet my pants.


  1. You make me laugh SO hard! Remember in Vegas me always having to pee???? YEP. Get used to it sistah :) MISS YOU!

  2. Oh you are so funny and darling! I am so excited for you and little baby to come!!

  3. Oh man I totally know how you feel and it just gets worse! YIKES!!! ha ha Good luck!! :) P