Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burgers, Mohawks, and Idaho

This was my third year going to Island Park, Idaho with Mark's family. We always go up and take Mark's little (bigger) brother Ryan with us (ladies...he's single!) and we stop in Ashton, Idaho for Big Jud's burgers. They're the size of my butt. Okay, not both cheeks, probably just one, which is still pretty large. It's probably gross to compare the size of food to a bum, but it's the most accurate! We love this place ever since Big Jud's made its big debut on Man vs. Food. 

Check those babies out! I literally ate 4 bites and I was done with my 1/4. Ryan ate the rest of mine (on top of his whole burger). Since Mark and I started dating, he's been considered the "lightweight" in his family since losing 60 pounds or so. In fact, we just found some of his old swim trunks from a few years ago (when he was an offensive lineman at BYU...things have def. changed!). Did I mention that he's been training for the St. George marathon in October? Rawr.

He actually wore these when he was a tank! 300 pounds of muscle and girth.

Anyway, the burgers were amazing, and I just had to record our eating adventure.

The guys were pretty excited about their eating progress...

And I feel like I conquered those fries almost single-handedly (which is why I could only eat 4 bites of the burger)

Naturally, we had to compare bellies. My FAVORITE picture all trip. Laughed about this for days. He seriously looks like Goliath. Anyone agree?

Great belly, honey! 

Of course we couldn't go a lake trip without doing some fun hair-stylin'. Mark's been BEGGING me to buzz his head for MONTHS. I finally gave in, but only if....

....he did a mohawk :)

Resembles a troll?

Yes. haha I love him. It only added more attitude on that freezing lake. He did awesome surfing again this year. I was a little sad to pass that up, but I only have 5 more months of being pregnant then I can ride roller coasters, go tubing, eat sushi, and take Excedrin again :)

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  1. I love Big Judds! I would NEVER be able to finish one of those giant burgers! Yikes! I guess I have never tried though. I don't think I want to! haha Cute belly pics! :)