Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My sad Ragnar story

So my mom and I were at her house making tutus for her Ragnar team, "Deliverin' Divas", when she got a text by a chick on the team saying she couldn't do it anymore. It was the day before the race, and my mom asked my sister in law if she would run, but she said she "wasn't in running shape" (but she's in every other good shape that you can think of!) So then my mom convinced me to do it if I did the easiest legs (4 miles, 4 miles, 4 miles). I got excited. I went to Runner's Corner and got me some nice shoes and packed my stuff.
Right before my first leg. "Baby here"---Cheryl Howard insisted :)

My mom's car. That's a pregnant dummy on the top. We named her Annie--So funny! Got quite a bit of attention driving that thing around. 

Our van. We were van 2. All these ladies are like hard core runners. I couldn't appologize enough for my slow pace...

and I'm off...

Finished the four miles in 38 minutes. It was really nice weather and I wasn't facing the sun= saved me. 

So then 3 a.m. rolls around (did not get a wink of sleep..it was freezing outside!) and it's about time for me to do my second leg of another 4 miles, but it would be uphill. I got my head lamp and reflective vest on and was ready to go. We got a call from Van 1 and they asked where we were...my mom said "we're here!! What stop are you at?" ...it turns out we went to the WRONG EXCHANGE POINT! Like, 20 miles away from the right one. How does that happen? The team in van 1 went ahead and ran my leg for me so that we wouldn't lose too much time. We think it was supposed to happen (divine intervention?) because of how crazy it was that none of us caught that.

Long story short, I didn't run my last leg either because our team as a whole had gone so much slower than we had predicted, and it was Mark's grandpa's 80th birthday celebration that night in a fancy reception center. I couldn't miss it for obvious reasons, but I was also scheduled to play my violin as well. I was exhausted!!!!  It's a little harder to make up pulling an all-nighter when you're pregnant, I discovered. 

Cheryl Howard, the cute blonde in the pic, ran her leg AND mine, totalling 10 miles ! She was an animal! I'm so grateful for her! 

I'd like to think that if I would have run all 12 miles that maybe something bad would have happened...then I don't feel like such a wuss :) I really wish I could have done the whole thing.

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