Sunday, June 5, 2011

Running With Angels 5k

On Saturday, May 21st, Mark and I woke up bright and early (6:30) to head up to Thanksgiving Point and do the Running With Angels 5k. My Dad's cousin, Pam Hansen, is the woman behind this race. She has been doing it for the past 6 or so years, and my family has always participated to support her. Pam does this race each year to raise money for the NICU at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals. Many of you know that my mom is a labor and delivery nurse at Orem Community hospital, and my dad is the CEO of Orem Community, Utah Valley RMC, and American Fork hospitals. So needless to say, this is an important event that we love to support. Pam lost one of her twins when they were born about 20 years ago, and wrote a book about the healing that took place through running. Since I was about 10 weeks pregnant, I had a hard time not getting emotional as I watched families from all over come to support this cause because of losing their babies. I was choking back tears throughout the whole thing. 
On our way to Thanksgiving Point

Way to go Amy for waking up before 9:30 a.m.!!!!

There's a little fetus in there!

don't mind the white rolls :) I'd like to think that those are the remnants of my former 4 pack that I used to sport.

Good baby, don't make me sick please!

At the finish line before it started! 
 Thanksgiving Point is the BEST place to have a 5k! It's so gorgeous. I may or may not have stopped along the way to admire all the tulips and waterfalls :) Hey, I wasn't trying to win this race! I could tell that Mark wanted to take off, so I told him to go ahead. And what did I get for finishing?.........
ALL THE VITAMIN WATER I WANTED! I was a happy girl. And after the race, my dad took us to visit my mom at the American Fork hospital where she was called in to work that day. I was in HEAVEN looking at all the newborn babies through the glass. I can't believe we are going to have one of those in 6 months. I'm so excited to be a mommy and I will always come support those who have lost theirs in this race. All of you should too!


  1. hahaha your tiny teeny little belly! how cute!!
    i should have done that race. sorry i missed your call the other day, i've been babysitting all weekend so it was a little crazy! love you!

  2. oh my GOSH how cute are YOU? Okay you are looking soooo good! I was definitely totally a chub by the time I was where you are, YOU GO GIRL!

  3. I didn't know you were related to Pam Hansen! I heard her speak years ago, at Thanksgiving Point, of all places. It's like we were meant to be related :) I am so impressed that you ran a 5K! I can't even run a 5K when I am not pregnant!

  4. I remember reading that book in high school! I LOVED IT!!