Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brazil, mission, buns, back, stinky

So I guess it's Wednesday. Wednesday means that we leave tomorrow for Brazil. Am I excited? You betcha. 
Iguazu Falls by Friday, Fortaleza by Saturday night, and Rio de Janeiro by Thursday night, in time to fly back home Sunday the 17th! I can't wait to see where Mark lived and served for 2 years. The other night during scripture study I asked him what made his mission special and meaningful to him. I wish I could have recorded everything that he said. It was a really neat moment for me to hear him bear testimony of his mission and what it did for him as a young man.

Enough of the cheese.

Here's my best attempt at a 16 week 5 day belly shot after el gimnasio.

This is my "yeah...I have a lot to do and this is ALL you're gonna get from me!" look. I just look chubby still. Bummer.

Yes I am already having back pain and can't sleep very well at night. But you know what? A nice run/walk at the gym is exactly what cures that back pain. I didn't work out yesterday and therefore....backpain this morning. I knew this would happen sooner rather than later because my lowest vertebra didn't develop all the way when I was a wee lil' babe. Plus, I was not very kind to my back when I was younger...cheerleading and gymnastics can do a number on any body part. 

Well kids, I'm off. I promised I'd can peaches with my cute French sis-in-law Catherine in 40 minutes and I'm still STANKY. 

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  1. I am so excited about your Brazil trip! Take lots of pics and I can't wait to hear all about it! How cool you can tell baby he's already traveled to south america :) Love you guys!!!!