Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iguacu Falls, Brazil

After about 20 hours of flying, we finally arrived at our hotel. We flew from Salt Lake to Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro to Iguacu was a LONG DAY AND NIGHT! I thought I'd want to go to our room and take a nap....but once you see these pictures, you'll understand why I didn't entertain that thought any further. Our hotel was incredible. The jungle lied just outside our window, and it was the only hotel located inside the park.

Getting ready to get on the boat. I felt pretty sexy in that life vest


Those falls are all on the Argentina side. Most people on the boat were speaking Spanish, so I assume they were from other countries in South America.

...taken the next morning...I had a fun case of stomach issues for the first three and a half days we were there. I have seen every toilet from Iguacu to Fortaleza, I swear. The hotel we stayed at was a 5 star joint. The employees that I came in contact with were all fluent in English...complete with English accents. They were extremely gracious and ordered medicine for me across town and then delivered breakfast in bed wishing me good health. I could get used to that! 

The front of our hotel. Beautiful!

A map of the park. It's huge!! I had no idea how large the falls were or how extensive they reached across the park. There is not one picture that we took that captured even a quarter of the falls.  

I fought back tears half the way, it was so breathtaking. These pictures don't do them any justice, that's for sure.

We walked to the end of that pathway. We got a little wet; it was awesome to be that close!

After our short trip to Iguacu (only about 24 hours), I was pooped out. Figuratively and literally.
That pillow saved me on all the other flights we took. During our 10-day adventure, we had 9 flights. It wasn't too bad though. We only had carry-on baggage, and that saved a lot of time. 
Next stop:
Rio de Janiero airport then...


  1. what cute pictures! am you look GREAT! marks buzz is cute too! do you have more pictures? i want to see!

  2. Wait a minute... I thought you guys are having a BOY!! Why is Mark sporting a PINK shirt??? He's got this totally backwards. Oh well! He'll figure things out eventually. hahaha Im glad you guys had so much fun on your trip!!!