Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cousin visit!

Last month my three cousins from San Antonio came to visit for 10 days. They're such good kids and we love them coming to visit every other summer. I couldn't believe how much they've grown! They are my mom's sister Susan's kids. Aunt Susan passed away when she was 31 from breast cancer and the kids were just six (Jack) and two (Rachel and Noah). We went to visit their mom's grave and made it look really nice.

After we visited her grave, we took my nephew Nico to the Provo Beach Resort. He had a ball of course.

But I think my mom had the most fun! She loves her (only) grandson.

I had to get a picture with the twins. Jack had taken off already, but this was their last day visiting. They're so big! They're 9th graders this year, and that's the age that I'll be teaching starting next week. 

I love you guys! 
Hugs and kisses!

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