Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Davis/San Francisco CA visit

Mark's grandma Libby Freeman lives by herself in Davis, California (just 10 minutes outside Sacramento). We love her so much; she sends us post cards of U.C.-Davis all the time and asks us to visit. Well, after our long vacation to Brazil the only time we could go was the following weekend. It was a long drive, but we're so glad that we went! She treated us to gourmet food the whole time we stayed there (now I know where Mark gets his "foodie" side from) and I was able to go to San Francisco for the first time.

My only requirement in San Francisco was that we got a sourdough breadbowl! Boudine's is the place to go! Yummy.

Clam Chowda'! Those are the only two pics that I got in San Fran...I was really not in the mood to be in any pictures!

I had to take a picture of the place settings that we had for breakfast one day...Grandma Libby is so cute!

See those two twin beds in the back?...that's where we slept!!! Isn't that funny?? Grandma Libby didn't want any hanky-panky in her house I guess! We were dying laughing.

Mark's uncle Jeff and aunt Sharon were there visitng that weekend too. We had a blast talking to them each night. Don't underestimate this crowd...they had us staying up until 2 a.m. every night! Grandma and Jeff are night owls. By the last night I was able to stay up without falling asleep a couple of times on the couch. We all laughed and laughed about who knows what.

Scrambled eggs, French toast, homemade syrup and jam, and Grandma's favorite--margarine!! It's her "secret ingredient"... I was thrilled, let me tell ya!

In the front yard before leaving back to Utah

We love you Grandma! Thank you for letting us come and see you! Mark is so in love with this area that we just might end up here someday. I was so impressed with how "with it" she is at her age (85 in December). She takes such good care of herself and always makes sure that she's put together and keeping her mind active. She's a great example to us. 

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